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Skydive Temple is now listed at: 3/20/07 - fatality skydive temple 9/05/09 - accident skydive temple 6/25/10 - accident skydive temple 7/21/10 - accident skydive temple 9/11/10 - accident skydive temple 9/30/10 - accident skydive temple 11/20/10 - accident skydive temple 6/05/11 - accident skydive temple 08/20/11 - accident skydive temple Former Skydive Temple pilot Tim Wheeler - provided a recent audio recording, whereas he claims that Mark Pollack - owner of skydive temple - ordered him to fly into a developing thunderstorm - next to I35 Salado. Mark Pollack provided the 146th Judicial district confirmation that he in fact carries no insurance and anyone that jumps at his DZ is on their own if they get hurt.
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I too checked the Fort Hood website, Skydive Temple is not off-limits. My son and I had a lot of fun skydiving the other day.

Someone has a grudge against them. I checked with a number of people, Salado Fire Department and other jump masters not connected to Skydive Temple, their operation is safe as this sport and be.


it is not off limits anyone with a brain can look up the off limits area


it is not off limits


Per order of the Fort Hood Post Commander, the facility of Skydive Temple is declared off limits. All Fort Hood Military Personnel are instructed to stay away from this facility.


Skydive Temple is NOT OFF LIMITS to FT Hood personnel and actually a suggested safe activity for soldiers returning from the field.

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skydive t
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DO NOT GO TO SKYDIVE TEMPLE - LOOK AT THE NUMBER OF ACCIDENTS BELOW Please listen to the audio recordings at this web site: 3/20/07 - fatality skydive temple 9/5/09 - accident skydive temple 6/25/10 - accident skydive temple 7/21/10 - accident skydive temple 9/11/10 - accident skydive temple 9/30/10 - accident skydive temple 11/20/10 - accident skydive temple 6/5/11 - accident skydive temple Local Bell County Officials: 1) (25*)947-**** - Chief Charles Young - Salado Fire Chief 2) (25*)933-**** - Glenn Shoemaker - Bell County 911 Communications 3) (25*)933-**** - Rick Miller - Bell County Attorney
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The AFDCB is an investigative committee composed of members from each of the services and civilian advisers, who seek to protect the interests and welfare of service members when they are off post. The AFDCB, working in close cooperation with local law enforcement agencies, civic organizations and legitimate business establishments, tries to prevent unfair and criminal practices against military personnel by disreputable businesses.

The AFDCB assists commanders in eliminating conditions detrimental to the good order and discipline, health, morale, welfare, safety and morals of armed forces personnel. It ensures the establishment and maintenance of the highest degree of liaison between military and civil law enforcement authorities.

These boards receive information on undesirable conditions affecting military personnel at establishments or areas within civilian communities which harbor such conditions; report the existence of such conditions to commanders, together with recommended action; cooperate with civil authorities regarding these problems; and recommend to commanders the designation of certain areas and establishments as off-limits to military personnel and the removal of such designations, when appropriate. Undesirable conditions include conditions relating to drug abuse, liquor violations, improper discipline, illegal gambling and unfair commercial practices. Joint service policies and procedures regarding such boards are set forth in Army Regulation 190-24.


For information on this accident email: jump@***


Please call me with your experience at Skydive Temple. My direct line is (254) 291-****.


This Drop Zone is no more less safe then any DZ that I have been to in my 10 years of skydiving. Jumping out of planes in inherently dangerous, but we all do it know that fact!

The owner and staff of this DZ always takes safety of the jumpers as the most important priority! Just this past weekend we could have stuck it out and tried to make jumps in marginal weather. But the owner canceled all jumps for the weekend at first sign of bad weather.

The safety of the students and fun jumpers came first!! I would recommend this DZ to all persons wanting to jump!

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My son was nearly killed here in September 2010. After he crashed, they stole his parachute, AAD and other equipment valued at $6000.00 and pocketed the money. This is like when a person is in a casket, they take your watch. Who is looking anyways. All of the reviews on the google and yahoo sites are FAKE and made up by Wendy Faulkner the computer expert and co conspirator. Her Attorney, Lee McMillian admitted that they just washed Justin's blood off the parachute and sold it to Mark Jeffcoat in Austin Texas. I have turned this matter over to law enforcement and filed a lawsuit. If you want to ask me about skydive temple, call me on my cell (254) 291-****. My name is Shawn Richeson and I can prove these people are crooks and liars.
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I just started jumping and Skydive Temple is great. Spectacular and really safety oriented. I can't imagine any jumper getting hurt there unless they did something wrong or failed to do something they should have.

Odds of main chute failing: 1/750


Not sure who the last poster in this blog is but I would assume it is Mark Pollack.

Your track record as a drop zone owner is well documented and Fort Hood is absolutely correct in shutting you down.

If anyone purporting to toss around threats in this blog would like to meet in person and discuss this matter in person, you are welcome to swing by my home at:

Shawn A. Richeson

1906 Twilight Drive

Killeen, Texas 76543

(254) 291-**** - My Cell

Shawn R Juf

I need to apologise to all the people I have hurt over the years with lawsuits and other harassments. I realize I have done people wrong and beg forgiveness not only those that I have hurt but our Almighty God above.

I realize that I someday I may offend and damage people with greater knowledge than I that might see to wish me ill, in a variety of places, such as online and in person.

It is well known that I reside in Killeen and I am starting to have great fear for my family. Please forgive me Lord and all that I have harmed and I strive to be a model citizen both at my residence on Twilight and the greater world.

George P Pbp

Skydive Temple is a great place to jump and very safe. Mr.

Richeson has no facts and empty opinions.

Sorry for your boy but how about stopping these attacks on Skydive Temple. Please.


Hope your son is ok. I'm sorry that this had to happen to you and your boy. Don't listen to Boohoo, this *** goes on everybody's complant and makes these comments.


So sorry to hear about your son and I hope he is ok and everything works out for you. Also never mind the trolls like Boo Hoo.

Just an empty life and an empty space between the ears. God bless.

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Stephanie Ntw
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SkyDive Temple Texas - Jumper Dies – Jumper Lives

Skydive Temple - Salado Tx - Justin Richeson Skydiving Accident September 30 2010 6:50 PM. A pasture fence surrounds the drop zone area of Skydive Temple. The regulatory standard size of skydive temple's drop zone is in question, at this time. Student and professional skydivers have to navigate through the air in close quarters to make a safe landing at skydive temple in Salado Texas. Justin's height and weight were not taken into consideration by Skydive Temple in Salado.. Justin is 6'4" 250 pounds. The regulatory allowable height and weight for skydiving was possibly violated and is under investigation at this time. Skydive temple is an extremely high traffic area for skydivers. Planes are taking off at the same time that jumpers are coming in for a landing. I witnessed the day of Dead Mans Boogy 2010 and there were people running around all over the place like chickens with their heads cut off. I'm not implying that it's not possible to have a fast paced business. I simply stating that from my personal observation, it was a mad house at skydive temple that day. I think that there should be longer skydive classes and training. (((Skydive Temple makes claims that there has only been 1 skydiving death in the 20 years of their Company... I believe that Skydive Temple should inform jumpers that they have had 100's of skydiving accidents. Filling new skydivers heads with false facts about injuries, near death experiences and actual deaths, should be illegal...))) Justin Richeson died on September 30 2010 and was revived 20 seconds after his death. He has been in numerous emergency surgeries that have saved his life... Justin Richeson is now at a Muscular Rehab Center 55 days after the accident. Justin is fighting to regain strength in his legs... I pray for Justin and a fast recovery... My name is Stephanie Richeson, I am Justin Richeson's sister, and this is my opinion.
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I decided to jump out of airplanes because I wanted to. The training presented by skydive temple reminded me of my military days. Safety, and repetition, to induce "muscle memory".

My parents were not thrilled when I informed them that I wanted to skydive however, I was told that it was my choice. Skydiving is not like piloting a airplane, there is no one next to you to correct YOUR mistakes. If my parents acted like Cindy Sheenan, and tried to hold someone else responsible for my actions, I would be embarrassed. What happened to personal responsibility as a adult?




my name is justin... go figure...

come on people skydiving is a risky sport. one does not have to be very smart to know that jumping out of an airplane that is not on fire, may not be safe!! the dangers are gone over and over with students. every thing drilled into their heads, but like anyone involved in a tecnical sport one can easly get overwhelmed. if Justin thought that the landing area was too small or too dangreous, he could have visited some of the other larger DZs with Larger Open landing areas. that being said Temple's landing area is not big ...BUT ITS BY NO MEANS THE SMALLEST IVE LANDED!! bottom line is the jumper takes all risk and reward of the sport..

skydiving will always be dangerous!! do it or do not do it...the choice is yours

Justin i am very sorry that you got hurt that really sucks. ive broken myself before and it sucks thats all there is to it. glad you are alive!

i hope you can make a full recovery and i wish you and your family the best.


By: Associated Press

SALADO, Texas -- A 49-year-old Austin man has been killed in a skydiving accident in Central Texas.

Authorities say Dave Sebesta's main parachute became entangled with that of another diver and he wasn't able to deploy his reserve chute in time -- before hitting the ground.

Sebesta was pronounced dead at a Temple hospital on Saturday. Mark Pollock with Skydive Temple says the accident near Salado happened during a jump with eleven other experienced sky divers.

Sebesta and a second diver became entangled at about 1,700 feet. They cut themselves loose, but while one diver was able to open his reserve parachute and land, suffering minor injuries. Sebesta didn't have enough time.

Fire department officials say Sebesta was only about 100 feet from the ground he deployed his reserve chute.


3/20/07 - fatality skydive temple

9/05/09 - accident skydive temple

6/25/10 - accident skydive temple

7/21/10 - accident skydive temple

9/11/10 - accident skydive temple

9/30/10 - accident skydive temple

11/20/10 - accident skydive temple

6/05/11 - accident skydive temple

08/20/11 - accident skydive temple

Our Son - Justin Richeson was in a (near fatal accident) at Skydive Temple on September 30th 2010. His parachute failed and ultimately crashed into a fence at the jump facility. He was transported to Scott and White hospital, and remained in the ICU and rehab center for (5) months.

Former Skydive Temple pilot (Tim Wheeler) - provided a recent audio recording, whereas he claims that (Mark Pollack) - owner of skydive temple - ordered him to fly into a developing thunderstorm - next to I35 Salado.

Wendy Faulkner, Skydive Temple employee, refused to participate, and the pilot quit over that incident.

To date, Mark Pollack has not visited or called Justin or the Richeson family.

Our son has run up medical bills just north of 1.3 million dollars. Mark Pollack and Skydive Temple are not insured for accidents and neither have contributed a penny to Justin's medical bills at Scott and White or Hillcrest Baptist Rehab Center.

We do not want any money from Mark Pollack or Skydive Temple. We simply want to warn the public about the way this particular drop zone is run, and the frequency and severity of the accidents at Skydive Temple.




I am curious to know if all these attacks against Skydive Temple and the owners there are real? As a skydiver myself, I have signed waivers at every DZ I have jumped at.

I am sure that anyone jumping there signed a waiver. It is a free will sport, and many of the injuries and deaths occur from jumpers that make poor decisions. Plain and simple.

There are more warnings, waivers, and training than many other equally dangerous sports. If you jump, it is your responsibility to be aware of the dangers.


It does look like a majority of these complaints are negative.

Skydive Temple is not to blame.

The people *** enough to jump out of an airplane are to blame.


Skydiving is a risky sport, I've been injured a few times over my near 25 years in the sport. None of those incidents were caused by anything any dropzone did.

Absolutely 100% of them were caused by myself. It is impossible to have a dropzone where there are no obstacles. Skydive Temple is very wide open, better than a lot of dropzones I've seen. There is no reason for any jumper, inexperienced or otherwise to hit anything.

In my years in the sport I've seen students manage to hit the one and only obstacle for miles around, not sure how they manage to do it but nothing can be made completely *** proof.

Seems like there is a lot of negativity here about Skydive Temple... I mean really a lot!!! Hmmm... On closer inspection it seems that the bulk of this comes from how many sources...

Oh, just one! Something bad happens and you get angry and you lash out...

lash out at whom ever happens to be in the way. The problem is you end up with zero credibility.


3/20/07 - fatality skydive temple

9/5/09 - accident skydive temple

6/25/10 - accident skydive temple

7/21/10 - accident skydive temple

9/11/10 - accident skydive temple

9/30/10 - accident skydive temple

11/20/10 - accident skydive temple

6/5/11 - accident skydive temple


Timothy Wheeler 4617 92nd Street Lubbock, Texas 79424 8**-**7-4070 Timothy Wheeler contacted me on august 22nd 2011, and claimed he was ordered by Mark Pollack, to fly an airplane in to a brewing thunderstorm, just west of I35 outside of Salado Texas. The airplane contained 10 new and inexperienced jumpers.

Wendy Faulkner, the jump master at skydive temple, refused to fly in contradiction to Mark Pollacks orders, because she claimed it was too dangerous. Timothy Wheeler claimed that Mark pollack is unstable, a heavy drinker and exhibit violent behavior towards his subordinates.

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