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Sky Dive Oregon Sunday 27th I have never been treated so *** poorly by anyone who runs a business in my life. This guy should keep his mouth shut and let others who work there take care of business. It's early on Sunday June 27th 2010 in fact its 9:00 AM! I walked down before most people were showing up and no aircraft were moving. Really at this point it's mostly employee's here now. I walked down to where the aircraft were parked near the hanger. There wasn't an aircraft in the sky or anyone around them. I was more then 100 yards from them when a Sky Dive Oregon pilot came down and explained that this was a restricted area "WHICH HAVE NO SIGNS STATING THIS" he asked me what I was doing? I explained to him all I wanted to do is just get a few seconds of video of possibly the insides of the plane and why. "I could see this is a private airport seeing the size of it tiny as landing strips go. There was no danger what so ever to me or anyone in the area." He told me that if I wanted to do this I would have to walk up and get permission from Teresa he was very polite and even introduced himself as Matt. So I walked back up found Teresa. I tried to explain what I was trying to do was shoot a video clip what it would like for a first time jumper to see the insides of the aircraft. I also told her it was for a video diary of a few friends's who were jumping that morning and I would also be putting it up on The video would have their company logo and it would be good advertising for them… But the answer to my little TINY request was NO! So thanked her and I walked outside and waited for my friend's time to jump. I was in the fenced off area for spectators with the only signs with no smoking. Not anything saying anything about taking videos beyond the fenced area. So there I sat waiting with several other friends waiting for our friends to sky dive. 2 were making there first jump and one other was taking a solo dive class. So I was taking a few videos of jumper landing while I waited. I was taking videos of them getting their gear on in a covered area about 20 yards away with the camera zoomed in on just my friend. When this guy walked over to me he being in the fenced area. This guy told me that I was being very disrespectful at the highest degree because I was taking video of people who I don't know. He was accusing me of videoing him and two others sitting in chairs on the porch. Because he saw me doing this action. When I told him that I hadn't it turned UGLY FAST! He told me that he was the owner of the place and that if I was going to keep disagreeing with him he would tell me to leave along with my friends too. So just I kept my cool and didn't argue with him just talked in a normal tone voice tone. I tried to explain I'm a professional. I take video's and edit out videos clips which don't belong. He wouldn't have any part of it. Then he went onto accuse me of trespassing earlier when I walked down to the parked planes. He only heard part of what he was told. He then started to blurt out things about and going off again how he owns this place and I was about one step from being tossed out. I just kept my cool seeing this guy was out of control with him emotions. I told him I thought he was being ridiculous with his accusation and at this point I pushed away from the fence I was leaning on while talking to him. The owner ended up going into the solo jump class while it was going and pulling out my friend telling him he had to leave and take all of his waiting friend and get off his property. THIS OWNER GUY IS AN ***! If he would have listened to what I was doing or listen to when I offered to let him look at what I had just taken. He could see his suspicions would have been cleared as he wouldn't have seen his NARROW MINDED PIN HEAD IN ANY VIDEO! My wife was thinking she would like to do a tandem jump but not now we will drive to Eugene to Sky Dive Oregon BOOST OF THERE SAFETY RECORD OF NO CUT A WAYS, WE SAW 2 IN THE 11 HOURS WE WERE THERE OUT OF 23 LOADS OF JUMPERS…. How safe is that? I have it on video too! I well never go back to this place nor would I ever tell anyone to go out Molalla to this place… When there employees tell you not to feel bad about what happened the owner goes off on all of the instructor's and pilots all the time. THIS GUY IS AN ***! He is impressed with his own importance he must know that he also turns on the bathroom fan when he take a ***! What an *** never never have I seen a guy out of control like him! YOU WOULD THINK 11 HOURS WAS A LITTLE EXCESSIVE YOUR RIGHT… FOR TAKING A SOLO CLASS WHICH LAST 4 HOURS THEN 2 JUMPS TO COMPLETE IT. I THINK WITH 23 LOADS GOING UP THAT A STUDENT PAYING 500+ FOR THIS CLASS WOULD BE PUT IN WITH THE REST OF THE LOADS OF JUMPERS….. NOT 11 HOURS TO COMPLETE IT. No customer service no understanding from the male owner the *** all you got was a bunch of *** *** out of his mouth… You won't see me there again no will you see anything of positive comments on either. If was telling a friend about what I did this weekend and where this took place on Tuesday when he told me this same *** got all *** with him over 10 years ago. Get this for letting his dog take a leak down my the hangers not a dump but a leak.... What a *** FOR A OWNER OF A JUMP SCHOOL!
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I jumped here yesterday, staff was very friendly and professional. They had no problems with me videoing any skydivers from the patio area, & felt 100% safe for the whole experience: plane ride, jump, and landing. I highly recommend this place to anyone looking to skydive!


Wow, it is nice to see former contractors for a company bash the company. I know both of these two and one is an extreme hot head, I can't count how many times I have seen him loose it over the years.

I personally have skydived there over the past 15 years. They have the most professional staff around, and have by far the best equipment and the best planes in the industry.

Yes, I do instruct out there, I even bought a house 1-1/2 miles away because I wanted to be close to that place. The owners are very passionate about safety and I for one love working with them and love to be a part of such a great company.


I'm sure glad I read this, if I thought the owner was even slightly "off" or unprofessional (getting all worked up and pulling others out, raising his voice, things like that are bad bad signs) I would in no way stick around for my jump. 5 friends and I are looking for a place to jump (rookies!) this won't be it!! Creswell here we come!


The only self-important assh01e here appears to be you. An owner of a property has the right to maintain it and manage it as he/she sees fit. I'll never get why people go online and bash someone in this kind of one-sided, silly, immature way. For all we know, you have an ego the size of a bus and can't stand it when someone corrects you.

I've jumped at Skydive Oregon three times (all tandem) and have been treated with the utmost respect. I felt safe and secure while on the ground and falling from the sky.

If you don't like to follow simple rules (and quite frankly, COMMON SENSE etiquette) then go take your silly little photographs some place else.

PS: I've been a professional photographer for over a decade and have never once been confronted by someone while holding a camera in my hand. You sound like a rookie.

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I worked there for years as an instructor and I will say that the staff is professional and the operations are safe. That being said, what you are saying about the owner Joe Webber is spot on.

(Teresa is pretty annoying too). The guy is an ***. If you can tolerate it or better yet stay away from him you can have a great time at Skydive Oregon. Of course don't take video.

I feel your pain. I got chewed on by him more times then I can count and I eventually quit working for him. I do still recommend the location to people who ask because of all the drop zones I worked at this one was the safest.

I never worked at Cresswell but I always heard good things about them.


Yup, this guy is a real piece of trash. 'Self Important' Joe Weber... The guy has run off quite a few customers over the years and would just as soon take your money and then tell you to F-off. Some seriously think the guy is mental...

The DZ has had a checkered past with several aircraft accidents, fatalities, and life flight calls. They've been visited by the FAA and questioned for dropping jumpers through clouds right in the middle of an instrument approach route for PDX. Totally illegal!

If you want a better skydiving experience, take your $$$ somewhere else.

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Skydive Paso Robles, death from above.

Plane has crashed twice, got vandalized and then didn't fly for 12 years. The jump master didn't jump for over 10 years. They haul the divers from the drop zone to the airport on a flat bed trailer. A real first class operation indeed! I say again.... Plane has crashed twice, got vandalized and then didn't fly for over 10 years. The jump master didn't jump for over 10 years. They haul the divers from the drop zone to the airport on a flat bed trailer. A real first class operation indeed. Jeez, 100 words! Need I say more? Blue Skies!
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This post trashing the skydiving operation in Paso Robles is malicious in nature and written by someone who doesn't know what they are talking about. There have been a few different owners of the drop zone and the death of the first one was never investigated by anyone who did not have a personal interest in blaming him.

The aircraft crash happened during the time of ownership by the current owner of Skydive Santa Barbara.

Give the new guy a chance. He is highly experienced in this business and you should check it out for your self.


Read this very closely the guy who wrote "death from above" is the same dumb *** that thought he was a A&P. We all know he has know idea on how to work on aircraft.

Thats why he is a dirt bag and steals.peoples money. He was working at the paso robles airport. He is simply pissed because he got busted for bad workman ship that had to be corrected. A real *** :x Last but not least that aircraft is the safest and best for skydiving.

I would have my family fly in it with no worries. That guy is a total *** Watch out for him

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Maybe consider checking your spelling to look a bit more intelligent.


So what ever happened to Sky Dive Paso? Are they running or not??


Get your facts straight. Not the same dz as before old owner is now skydive Santa Barbra. There is no skydive Paso Robles yet.

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