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I am a loyal customer, occasionally rent from sixt, however, one weekend changed everything. Due to road construction, the mercedes got two flat tires. Upon returning I requested full coverage on the vehicle which was $50 and I was informed that the coverage didn't include coverage for the tires after I completed my rental. Months later, I received a bill for the tires and I called to handled this matter. I was never informed that I needed to...
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I didn't like
  • Dishonesty
  • Liability
  • Claims department
It was a really expensive Mercedes Benz class V to begin with. They told us to call Mercedes. Mercedes said we, as costumers, can't contact them, so we called Sixt back. They said to contact Mercedes again. This was in the middle of Sweden in the middle of the night. Sixt wouldn't help, saying that they would call back. We didn't get a call until Saturday at 10 in the morning. We paid premium insurance for nothing. We made a mistake, we pay for...
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Both automatic replies were received by Sixt (receipts). One more month and here comes a threatening and bullying email from Sixt with penalties for late payment and menace of legal action (which is of course pure b.s. because email deliveries are not legally bounding - need registered letter for this). Well, this shows how Sixt (or at least Sixt Germany) treats its customers. In full denial of their corporate values proudly displayed on their...
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I liked
  • Easy to get started
I didn't like
  • Customer service
  • Being charged for damages i did not do
  • Rude customer service
I had rented a car at the dfw sixt location. The person at the desk seemed like she was on a different planet. Her manager had to notice so howcone when a few days pass and I can't reach anyone at the desk and my messages to extend my car are being taken but not fulfilled, do I get treated like the one from another planet? Customer service there is horrible the staff made me out to look like a theif, I expect more from such a prominent location....
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I travel for work and have made it my duty to tell everyone how deceiving and shady sixt rental cars are. The only excuse the branch manager a sea tac had for me was "sorry we don't honor 3rd party pre-pay reservations from other 6ixt rental locations and cant credit it towards any sea tac car rental? This wasn't told to me until AFTER I returned the car. The desk personnel led me to believe it would be know problem and they could make...
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I didn't like
  • Billing is criminal at worst
  • Lies they told me