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Trainers get 3 weeks training. I had a difficult dog and not much experience. I learned more on u tube then this place. The owner was interested in additional private lessons at $300.00 a session. My dog learned how to sit for sure. However when it came to distractions and outside work they didn't offer any type of help. Beside being egnored in class or being criticized instead of shown or told how to correct thIngs, mixed messages, confusing... Read more

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Cheyenne, Wyoming Sit Means Sit. I purchased a year long package for dog training. I attended training and my dog progressed nicely but recently went back to take more lesson within my year long contract and the owner no longer has phone service and low and behold the franchise is no longer in operation. And of course the Casper Sit Means Sit will be taking over the Cheyenne area but will not honor any of the year long contracts. I was truly... Read more

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I used the St. Peter's Missouri location and it was an absolute joke. My dog is terrified of his collar and afraid of men now. His trainer was fired because he was facing dog abuse charges. Also, I was promised unlimited group classes and now there isn't even a nearby location to take my dog to. They told me I could go to another location but seeing the nearest to me are in chicago or Kansas City mo More than a five hour drive for either one. We... Read more

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Worst ever! You don't get what you pay for. Dishonest as they come. Get what you want in writing or you are screwed. Lucky if they return your call. Ask any other trainer they will laugh in your face for using them. Say good bye to good hard earned money. I tried befriending the guy and that was a joke. Stay clear. I am writing every place possible to make sure no one else gets scammed. I reached our to corporate and Fred Hassens didn't do... Read more

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St Peters Missouri location of Sit means Sit had two men charged with abuse. Amazingly they bought their way out of the charges. Here are the links and videos to prove that Shock or "E" collar training only hurts the dogs and attracts and breeds abusive trainers.. People please do NOT believe your dog ever needs this type of training. Abuse is widespread in this franchise. They don't train dogs they instill fear and pain to make them submit.... Read more

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Sit means sit in Pittsburgh is by far the worst place you could go to get dog training. They use shock collars as their first "go to" resource before any other methods are even attemepted. Sure....I guess if you put shock collars on your kids, you would have obedient children but at what price? I'm sorry but I love my dog and would never subject her to such a cruel form of training. I would rather her not be trained at all than to be... Read more

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Sketchy, they have no training facility. They won't give you any information over the phone. Beware!

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I gave my Z to them for 2 weeks and he came home skittish, fearful, emaciated and bites people who put their ha dis out for a sniff. He winced when I put the collar near him and that's the last he ever saw of it. The trainer taught him for commands that he already knew. She did nothing for the reason why he was in there. I called multiple times and only had a response from the trainer and the secretary. It wasn't until I threatened to go... Read more

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I worked very briefly with Sit Means Sit in Oregon, but that was enough to let me know this is no place to work if you like dogs and know about dog training. The training method is using electronic shock collars and food rewards; whether this is a problem is personal preference. I have no problem with this method as long as it is done correctly. The dogs are very stressed most of the time. When they are not being worked they are shut in a small... Read more

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Signed my giant schnauzer up for 2 weeks board and train for over $2500 I expressed concern at the beginning about the collar but was assured it would not hurt him. After taking the collar off when I got home he had 4 burned scabbed places on his neck. What a waste of money and harmful to my dog. I was fearful that this e collar would be harmful but they assured me it would not hurt him. I feel terrible that he was subjected to two weeks of this... Read more

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