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I took my Ford Transit Connect to the service department at the Bath NY location. I was concerned about a pushing feeling in the front when van cornered to the right and wanted an oil change. I explained all of this to the attendant and was told to hang out in the lounge. After an hour or so they called me to let me know the van was ready. The attendant explained there was nothing wrong with the van and the oil had been changed. when i asked... Read more

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NOT HAPPY!!! After bad experiences in tbe past with Simm Rock, I found a truck I fell in love with. Talked with salesman Joe Shattuck, and after some back and forth, he offered me a reasonable price for my trade. I showed up in the showroom less than two hours after talking to Joe and he told me they would not give me what he had said he would give me, and the salesanager tried to get me to lease a vehichle. I know Simm Rock is the biggest... Read more

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My wife took are 2003 pontic to big flats for a basic repair on a recall notice...Whwn she got home she said there was a thumping noise when she applied the brakes...The car sat for 2 days cause we both work and I have a truck she walks to work... thats why theres only 78,000 miles on the car....but she was right when i got in to pick her up at work I applied the brakes and bam there the thumping noise this car never did it before i took... Read more

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I dealt with the dealership after having been a loyal Simmons Rockwell customers for years and was offered a reasonable price on a new vehicle; however, I was given a very low trade-in, undercut by a few thousand. I tried to negotiate a fair higher price with the GM and sales agent and was told they would think about it and call back the next day. However, they failed to contact me and when I contacted them back, they were busy and kept me... Read more

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On the 4 th day of owning the maxima we had bought, the battery was dead and no good. I jumped it and drove it to simmons on colonial drive where i bought it. I did make an appt first. Well, after having the car for a couple hrs they say the battery is no good and wanted to charge me $132.00 for a replacement nissan battery. I would have thought they would have taken care of it seeing how it was less than a week later. And in my opinion, it... Read more

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Get back to me on my complaint please!!!

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I bought a sx4 about 2 years ago stacy is the serves manager in the big flats store during this time I had to worry about them doing something to it one time my brake peddle went to the floor .she had got an a phone call told her to it as for the brake that could have caused a because stacy in the big flats office next car aint going to come from there .the state police were called. Read more

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Bought a used vehicle with 21,000 miles. Tires un-inspectable, missing floor mat, 1 key, not the correct bedliner, never changed the oil, and registered the vehicle for incorrect weight. Their best offer was 2 tires for the back. Strait off the auction block...Mark up a few grand, and then its customer problem. Plus, the magically dropped the interest rate by 2 % just because I was going to check my bank. Read more

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Issues with my fiat that were not covered by my warranty. This vehicle has already cost me way too much money.

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I recently purchases a 2013 fiat 500 from you. Roger payne was my salesman. I am totally not happy with the purchase. I have had many issues with this vehicle and i have had it for just six months. The last service issue i feel should have been covered by my warranty. This purchase was a HUGE mistake and i feel like i was taken advantage of. This car is way too small and has had too many issues with it. Please have Roger answervthis... Read more

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