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Police company

This company is breaking the law and i have contacted the attorney general of CA on them. they make false reports claim to be police and will not tell you who they are. they are calling me more than 15 times a day. when i asked for information about the company they will not respond at all. i have also spoke with the FTC who has a large file of complaints against this company. the companys that are using them are also liable for any false claims or mis information this company is providing. this company is one big scam and do not pay them one dollar.
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Courtnie Vei

I had a similar experience. They were telling me that someone would be "serving papers" if I didn't pay up.

I offered to meet with them to hand over money and they agreed. I called the cops and told them what went down and they were interested enough to go with me.

The guy is awaiting trial on a few charges. If the cops think you are going to go and try something yourself they are more or less obligated to help.

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Hey is this BMW mike Brady??? JP shot your house up in 95' with Gary?

Anyway I know SVR.

They are also into *** ***. The owner really likes to make it as long as he can be the catcher.

For once there are posts online about this company that are not from me!!!

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Celie Qlo


I am the original author of this post. I am a skip who SVR attempted to locate. He called my Dad. My Dad gave me ***. I attacked relentlessly. I made some exaggerations. I made some false statements. This company did nothing wrong. Please disregard any and all posts online as they all came from me. The only thing these guys did was get the wrong case assigned to them. I was no a "victim". Their client was. I am the victimizer in this whole thing. You should not listen to my statements. Just ignore them like the trash that they are.
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Trial lawyers dream- reckless skip tracers

The owner takes pictures of himself in London England in front of a store named after himself. I can't Imagine anything more lame, and I collect radioactive rocks for fun if that is any indication about my vast knowledge of lameness. Silicon Valley Recovery Inc. 1162 Suncast Ln. #1000El Dorado Hills California 95762United States of America Phone: 916730**** Unaware that convincing someone to make good on a debt makes them a debt collector in the eyes of the U.S. District Court. This triggers the FDCPA to apply to any activities taken by this company in regards to this account. It opens them up to liability stemming from each and every call. They use autodialers/predictive dialers to call cell phone numbers not provided to original creditor without prior consent. (TCPA violation $1500 per call statutory damages) They spoof caller ID's to send unsolicited text messages to pre-paid cell phones at a cost per text pretending to be a guy named Chad asking where you are. They call multiple time in a row in an attempt to cause the phone to ring continuously They intentionally use voice inflection, the title of "investigator" and case #...... to convey that they are in fact law enforcement trying to locate someone that they have a case on. They do this to elderly cancer patients with heart conditions as they did to my father. They call many times in a row hanging up on said elderly folks with their predictive dialer calling multiple numbers and routing the calls that answer first to the case worker. They lie about who they are, who owns them, their address and tell you they do not have a fax number. They intentionally and willfully cause the debt to be disclosed to third parties by the nature of their intimidating calls to seniors. They open their clients up to class action lawsuits by running their entire portfolios in this fashion. This is what I endured at the hands of SVR Inc.. The client did not recover anything. The client had to deal with repeated calls due to their actions. The client wasted hours of time and had to run the entire file by it's general counsel. The client's contact who recommended this vendor was embarrassed and forced to apologize to the debtor's 75 year old father. This client was or still may be Ally Financial Inc. These companies owned by John Lewis and Perla Lewis, are not operating within the law despite the perception that the owner through his blog "Masterqueue" tries to propagate. If you assign your portfolio to this company for collections, you are doing so forewarned. Besides failure to identify, fake spoofed caller ID's and the illegal use of predictive dialers to call cell phones and land lines, including people they know are not the debtor, they duck all responsibility for their actions. The time is coming for this company and have put three hours in so far today to make that happen. They will be held to account. Here is my story. Abusive skip tracing/ debt collector (Silicon Valley Recovery, Inc.) working for Ally Financial Inc., called my 75 year old Dad pretending to be a detective. Using voice inflection to sound like a cop and the name investigator Brad Martini, working case number.... trying to locate……. My Dad worried that the police were looking for me and feared his grandson, whom I have sole custody over, would be orphaned as his mother is not in the picture. He couldn't reach me. He freaked out and called my eight brothers and sisters telling them the police were searching for me. I was reached by my brother and called my Dad. I told him the truth. I had to explain the details of my debt to my whole entire family because of this. I contacted S.V.R. Inc. and told them to cease and desist at the end of the call. They then immediately called my Dad. They thanked him for getting the message to me. Brad Martini told my Dad " you need to convince him to be the son you raised him to be". They tried to shame this proud parent of nine. He was upset. They called two of my cell phones hanging up on me for several days. Then they called my Dad 3 times in a row hanging up on him 10-22-2012 then on the third call after a pause the call was transferred to Brad Martini. My Dad stated to him that he was on the other line reporting them to the Attorney's General's Department of consumer protection. He then hung up. My Dad called me very upset. He had cancer surgery this past year and has heart issues and was forced to keep getting up and walking all the way across the house to the only phone to answer then being hung up on and then doing it all over again meanwhile getting all upset. I called Silicon Valley Recovery, Inc. and they refused to give identifying information. They hung up on me two different times. Once with Brad and once with the office manager Katherine. I got their resident agent information and address from the secretary of state with what the name they reluctantly provided. I then called back and they denied the address, the name of the resident agent and the name of the owner John Lewis. They then transferred me to the people I owe, Ally Financial Inc.. They were nice. They were honest. They put me in touch with the guy who runs the collections department John Sullivan. I explained all we had been through with all the calls and two fake texts to one of my cell phones pretending to be Chad trying to find out where I was. He apologized and stated that sometimes the Vendors do not operate the way they should and sometimes violate the law without knowledge or consent of the original creditor which was Ally Financial. Basically they hire these guys and they are acting in bad faith while violating the TCPA and the FDCPA. Ally Financial represented by John Sullivan immediately recognized how bad this situation is and personally called my Dad to apologize which really helped my father calm down. Ally Financial Should not be in the business of apology calls on behalf of their vendors. These people were sued in Illinois last year for similar violations.I have an appointment with one of the best TCPA, FDCPA attorneys on November 26th 2012. I have notified every single regulatory agency that handles these complaints. I will go further in lobbying my elected officials to enact legislation to provide tougher sanctions and enforcement against such practices. I used to ignore these types of calls. These guys went way over the line and then some. Is this who you want working your portfolio???? Update: Robert Coudray's Office only takes your complaints seriously if it's about a bank or financial istitution so make sure you write it correctly so you don't have to have your congressman's office liaze with his office just to get someone to actually act on your report. Don't bother with the FTC. Way to laid back over there.
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Celie Qlo


I am typing this full retraction as my time tormenting John Lewis is over. I am a vendictive *** and did not like what his skip tracer said to my father about "convince ***** to be the son you raised him to be" and the fact that he kept calling when I had a robot chew him out. His record for catching skips is untarnished as he has nailed me and taken my vehicle from a parking garage at an airport near a convention I do not regularly attend. I don't know how he got his intel. He is resourceful and I am down one pick up truck.

Most of my statements were false.


All negative posts online about this guy were made up to get even with him. He had a chance to avoid all these posts and attacks and avoid me convincing Ally Financial Inc. that they were about to get sued by a ruthless trial lawyer in Birmingham Alabama. It was funny to us knowing that these guys for real thought they were getting sued for stuff I claimed they had done that was not completely accurate. This guy is way honest. He is legit. Diregard my slanderous posts online.

The whole industry seems to be made up of honest hard working folks.

My father got a letter informing him that John did not dispatch the holiday tow truck parade nor did Ally Financial. We have to sort that out as the truck has continued to idle in front of my old man's house. I sent a confession of sorts to John from an email account I immedeately shut down. I doubt you need convincing that these posts are all or mostly B.S.

I know Ally Financial Inc. knows I am full of *** by now:)

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