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We purchased a LED programmable window sign and it worked for a couple of months and all of a sudden went out and quit working. Called the company for help, the lady said they would ship a replacement sign to replace our broken one. Waited and waited and didn't receive the sign and its been 8 weeks later. So, I called Technical Support and got a guy on the phone, put me on hold while he "checked with the factory to see what the holdup was"...
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I didn't like
  • Lack of return options
  • Warranty fulfillment
I was told it was LED, it was NOT. It has four florescent bulbs that are five feet long and have to be special ordered. They cost me $60.00 which pissed me off. The wording on the sign starts off faded and then gets darker and when I was tired of looking at the awful picture included in the sign, which was forced on me, I found out I couldn't order a new skin without Doug designing it for me, which would cost me more money when I didn't...
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