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Was thinking of buying from you

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Was thinking of buying from yall but now Im considering taking my 6 grand somewhere else so many bad and negative reviews Jesus yall ought to be ashamed of yourself a running a scam and not a business
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User's recommendation: Don’t go here take your money elsewhere

Linda E Ape

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Car broke after a week

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IF I COULD GIVE NEGATIVE RATING I WOULD I purchased a car for my youngest TWO weeks ago. After ONE WEEK the fly wheel failed and we were quoted $2300 to fix it. I called the owner, Brad, and explained that the car wasn't even driven for two weeks to see if we could come to an agreement...he basically said, too bad.
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Preferred solution: Price reduction

User's recommendation: RUN!! DO NOT PURCHASE FROM HERE!!!


Do not buy from them !!!!!!!!!

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well first I went and bought a car I had gotten my disability. I explained to them I just wanted a car that was a decent so I can get to my doctor's appointment. so I found this card is little out of my price range but I've managed to talk them down I took it for a test drive the interior of the car was amazing the engine was so clean like it had never been driven, well six months after I got the car my brakes went out. I had to replace the rotors the pads and something else cost me $300. then the next thing is I went into Walmart to get an oil change but then Walmart said we. and we can't get that plug out without breaking it and I'll cross you 500. so then have your months later on my exhaust loud I'll come to find out the exhaust in the front crack around where the exhaust pipe to meet together. so then to top it all off I get a flat tire the other day I got to Walmart to get a replace my two back tires. they tell me all four tires are different tire sizes and none of them are the tires are meant for that particular car. so now I'm looking at $200 for the exhaust another. and 500 dollars for tires, the air doesnt work, the cd player doesnt work, I wish to God I'd never heard of showen motors.
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Bad quality

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution


You bought a used car and had problems after 6 months of owning it, This is not like most reports of some Auto sales that the car fails in a week or less. No way for a dealer to predict issues this far down the line.

Plus some of the things like brakes need replaced from time to time.

I would tun your car into a dealer as soon as possible. You are just to stupid to own a car.

Rayyan Cou
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God bless you and your awesome compassion

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No Integrity--Stay Away!!

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My mother had a horrible experience with this dealership. They sold her a car that she had immediate issues with. It was a VW Beetle, which she scrimped and saved for, only to be told it had a faulty transmission. She went back to the dealer and asked if she could return the car and buy a different one from them--this was within days of purchasing. They told her no way, they showed no concern whatsoever. Wow. It is shameful that they say they have been selling with integrity on their website--that's a lie. This car that she spent her entire savings on is now sitting in her driveway un-drivable. I think they way the ripped her off is pathetic, there is no way they didn't know this car had severe transmission problems. I really don't know how these shyster's sleep at night. RUN DON'T WALK AWAY FROM SHOWEN MOTORS. I hope people read these reviews on here--if it starts reflecting on their sales maybe they will change the horrible way they do business.
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Damaged or defective

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution


nothing good ever comes out of dealing with bad people


Showen Motors is completely crooked. They buy these cars knowing they are not going to see you again.

Every year, at tax time, they get people in there buying stuff that wont even last a week or two. They will not take care of you. They will do one thing. They will take your money and run.

Complete criminals. These folks are thieves. Ever see Brian or Brad out in public around Wilmington?

NO, because half of the town would be chasing them down the street. They are pieces of *** and they know it!


These crooks have been at it a long time. They know how to do it!

Anonymous is either Brad or that idiot liar that works there. They randomly go through these comments and defend their thievery, but they know what is really going on. Too bad a car lot isn't made to stand behind a vehicle at least to some extent.

But these liars will "WORK WITH YOU" if you are not happy because the car fell apart within a week. *** Liars


Did she not test drive the car? What part of "AS-IS" is unclear?

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I'm a prospective buyer right now. Was looking at your 2010 Forte to buy this morning.

Thanks for making my mind up about not coming to you with that nasty comment. I will take my 6 k elsewhere.

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Can't complain.

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Just bought my second car from here. Was looking for a crossover to haul the dogs in. Website had up to date inventory. Called with questions, they seemed happy to answer. Owner was honest and upfront about the condition of the car, was just what I expected when I showed up. Brad remembered me and even remembered what I had bought. Nice touch or maybe just good memory. Process was just as easy the second tim. You really never know with used cars, but i've had great luck so far. Nice down to earth guys who make business easy. -Max
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Showen Motors - 2003 Volkswagen Passat Review from Lebanon, Ohio

Bought a 2003 Volkwagen Passat about a month ago. Drove home and started to overheat. Come to find out they put anti-leak in the coolant. I replaced the water pump, coolant resiviour, thermostat, and spent *** near $200 on coolant alone this past month. I'm pretty sure they sold me the car knowing there was a crack in the head or a blown head gasket. Do not go there for a car. They are *** people and sell broken cars. Do not go to this place.
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Reason of review:
Damaged or defective
Khayri Wxq
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Positive Experience Review

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I have bought several cars for myself and 3 sons. Always have had a great experience and fully trust Brian to sell me my next car..
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Reason of review:
Good customer service
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They sell faulty vehicles

I bought a lexus from showen motors located in wilimington Ohio mid February 2013 and a month later the car started having engine problems which is uncommon for Toyota and lexus. When I called showen to ask about the history of the maintenance on the car they said they did not know because they bought it from Car max. I should've known something was up with these people when I saw the owner taking the car out for a test drive right as we were pulling up to view the car. When I called to report the problem with the car they showed no concern and offered no help which may be permissible but they don't care enough about their reputation or customer satisfaction to gather information on the history of the car, maintenance and all. I will never buy a car off their lot again or any lot that "does not know" information about their merchandise. Don't do business with them, save your money and go elsewhere!!!!!
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I bought a Toyota from them and after driving it a week the engine turned out to be junked they are horrible people and told me it was a great car and had no problems. Now I am out of a car and completely pissed.

I had it looked at the next week and the mechanic said junk the car its junk. Showen Motors are scammers and liers.

jonste J
map-marker Rochester, New York

Sold *** car and lied

Showen Motors in Wilmington Ohio sold my Son a car and after agreeing to take it back, would not. They didnt even make it home from the carlot. Brian Kite is a liar and a theif. Brad Showen is the owner of this place, and he is just as bad. Both are liars and cowards. I tried to talk to Brad at his house, but he ran inside like a little girl. I have told hundreds of people about these crooks, and cost them many sales. It is all over the internet. Just type in Showen Motors and scroll down, there are 6-7 sites I have complained on. They are liars and cowards. Stay away, they will *** in a heartbeat!
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Chances are that they had their mechanic already get "friendly" with whatever clunker they sold you. Something major will go out.

That is what these shysters do. Cover up major problems in good looking cars, and then BAM! Good luck with that car, but these guys are still a dirty dealing crew who deserve the same treatment in all that they buy personally or for the car lot.

Rumor is...... That brad Showen has to "move" a certain amount of these Junkers each month just to keep his nasty wife in booze!

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I'll let you know if something does happen because we've already put 14,000 miles on it in the past year and it still runs smooth. Paid less than the car I bought from Mid America Auto Group and that car blew the head gasket not long after purchasing it..


That sucks for you guys. We had great business there.

They were very upfront about the cars, told us not to even check out the Volvo we wanted b/c it had engine problems and was intended for mechanic-friendly buyers.We bought a newer high mileage Ford for a great price that runs amazingly.

Have had it for quite a while now and still no maintenance issues. Unlike the other car we bought from another used lot in Milford, that only lasted two months and still can't be driven 15 months later..


I just bought a car from them (It had break light on and off but assumed it might be faulty sensor on emergency break) and while driving the car later that same day the 'Check Engine Light' came on.

I made appointment with mechanic to read engine codes. One issue that was there at time of purchase and visible on dash was faulty ABS Module.

But the ones related to Engine light that were not visible on dash at time of purchase were 3 transmission error codes; and one engine coolant sensor code.

I figure the engine coolant sensor code probably isn't anything but am concerned about the transmission codes. Will be a week before I can get them checked out.

I still wondering if Showen Motors had the Check Engine Light related codes cleared using code reader so that it wouldn't be showing during test drive? Since it came right back on around 50 miles of driving after leaving them.

I was hesitant to believe that because I believed they would have cleared the ABS Module code as well to clear that light, but perhaps it would come back on more quickly since it involves the breaks and the error situation would be presented to the car every time the breaks are pressed during test drive.

Also, It has been a week and they still have not mailed me my title...

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Forget it man! They are not gonna do anything for you.

Sure they knew light was on before you bought it. Complete liars and thieves at Showen Motors. I call him " lyin Brian".

They sucker folks on a daily basis. Sadly, they get away with it!

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Followup... The car I just purchased in the prior comment. Ended up needing $1200 worth of work related to codes that caused engine light to come on. One being 'no coolant thermostat in the car according to mechanic', replace coolant sensor, transmission pan had enough damage from some large pan dent to damage some internal components near the pressure control valve solenoids 1,2,3 and for abs module rebuild. The thermostat and coolant sensor are cheap but alot of items need removed to get to thermostat so the labor is extensive for that. 3.5 hrs x 85$ per hour. I got same quote from 2 different places.

Since the thermostat would be nonexistant at time of sale, and the transmission pan dent and internal damage should be existant at time of sale; yet the engine light did not come on until 50 miles down the road after purchase... It is pretty suggestive that the codes were deleted.

...Unless this damage was done prior to Showen's purchase at auction and codes cleared prior to that, and limited test drives in the meanwhile.

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According to my interpretation of internet browsing. All of these codes trigger Engine Light.

The damage that caused them to trigger being pre existant; yet engine light not on during test drive; yet comes on around 50 miles after purchase. Seems that coincidence is now an impossibility. Highly suggestive someone has cleared these codes.

Question is; was it the people who sold it to Showen; or Showen themselves?

Code 17704 - Cooling System. Codes p1824-1****, p1819-1****, p1814-1**** - Transmission Codes.


(had a similar bad experience and have been trying to spread the word to stay away from this place, here's the story I've been posting on review sites around the internet)

Bought a car from this dealership a month ago, and two weeks in I had to replace the head gasket, a radiator hose, and all the tires. The vehicle he sold was completely unsafe to drive off the lot, yet Brad Showen still has nothing to say about the lemon he sold me.

The mechanic I took the car to said the last person to own the vehicle did a slap job on the head gasket, and because of that it's costing $2000 to repair, over half of the cost of what I paid for it. When I confronted Brad about the abominable condition of the car he sold, and how whomever had it last put a quick fix on it (not saying he did it, but it's awfully convenient that he happened to have the vehicle to test drive in fine condition only to break down two weeks later) Brad said, I swear I'm not making this up "I don't know anything about the cars I sell" Dishonest, maybe not.

Completely ignorant and dangerously unqualified to sell cars, well, in this person's opinion that's a resounding yes. Buyer beware when buying used, but I highly suggest you are very much on guard if you are brave enough to buy from this dealer.


Showen has been in the car business for a long time around Clinton County. I have heard a lot of horror stories about their shady dealings, but have never bought a car from them.

After seeing this, I probably will not ever deal with them.

Sites like these are highly effective in spreading the word about dirty dealings. Thanks for posting.

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