kissabulls R
map-marker Minneapolis, Minnesota

Vernetta Cockrum of Show-me Puppies sells sick dogs

I unfortunately became a victim of a puppymill. I bought 6 adult english bulldogs for the purpose of breeding. I showed up at the place, not really knowing what to expect when I encountered a kennel full of dogs. 100+ dogs in cages. The smell of *** and urine were unimaginable. I'd never seen one quite this bad. At that point, I wasn't going to leave those dogs in those diplorable conditions. This became a rescue mission.

Once we got the dogs home, we started noticing all the medical conditions these dogs suffered from.

The dogs were diagnosed with hip displaysia, luxating patellas, elongated palettes, entropian rendering blindness, chronic ear infections leading to deafness, genetic heart disease, allergies, pyometra, and if thats not enough, we lost the male 5 months after purchase, due to heart disease.

These dogs sound old with all of the medical condtions, that's the sad part, these dogs all turned 3 this year.

Vernetta bred everyone of the dogs on their first heats, and we have discovered that most of the puppies out of this breeding group exhibited all of the medical conditions listed above. A true shame.

We need to put a stop to people like this, and I refuse to stop, til' I feel satisfied enough that this woman can no longer breed sick animals.

When confronted with these issues, Vernetta told me that she sold me good reproducing adults. I asked about when they had last seen the vet., she said they didn't take their adults to the vet.

What does this say about her.. We had everyone of them at the vets for a medical work up. All of these dogs were in cages with her, we brought them into our home and treated them like part of the family. Just a shame what she has been allowed to do. I will keep everyone updated on the lawsuit I have filed against this woman. My attorney, Chris Rasmussen of Deputy and Mizell will get the best of her.

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Thank you for sharing this. I brought a Chihuahua from her 9 years ago.

He has been the love of our life but I am sad to report he passed away two days ago. From the time we got him he has been a sick little guy. He got diabetes Young and then he got an autoimmune disease that took him quickly. I told my husband I believe she was a puppy mill but wasn't allowed to pick up our baby at her property.

We drove all the way from Cleveland Ohio to get Cody. I just knew something wasn't right with her but one look at Cody and I had to get him from whatever place he was in. Cody had a lot of health issues from the get-go but that did not matter to us we cared and loved him wholeheartedly. And I am completely devastated and heartbroken with the loss of him.

I have never felt pain like this in my life and miss him so badly. If this woman uses animals for the prophet of money I hope and pray they lock her up and God gets her for the evilness that she puts on these babies. I am just sickened to think these people only use animals for money.

Animals our family you care for them and love them unconditionally and Lord knows we loved Cody with all of our heart. Please keep me updated and if you need help please contact me.


I got two puppies from her and one of them is almost six years the other one is just one, I am happy to report that both of them are healthy.

:p :p :p :p :p :p :p


Interesting....I bought a puppy from her...I better get my baby checked assistant63117@***.com


:cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry


:cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry

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Amber R Ksy
map-marker Livingston, New Jersey knowingly sold sick dogs

Vernetta/Geary Cockrum knowingly sells sick dogs.. She has a puppymill in West Plains, where she sold me 6 very ill dogs.

These dogs suffered from: entropian leading to blindness, deafness due to neglect, hip displaysia which are hips with shallow sockets (NON BREEDABLE to MOST BREEDERS STANDARDS), but she bred it. Luxating Patellas which are knees that slip out of socket (NON BREEDABLE to MOST BREEDERS STANDARDS), but she bred it.

Genetic Heart Disease, which NO BREEDER IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD BREED, but she bred it..

I bought 6 dogs from this woman, and only had 2 that passed their health screenings, and 1 that passed her health screening after a month worth of antibiotics. These dogs were diagnosed right after purchase.

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Hi Tricia,

Would love to talk to you about your puggle. Please contact me at hemi4x4chik09@***.com

I have been dealing with this woman on these dogs for the past year. Now its up to the judicial system to fight for these dogs and put people like this out of the puppymill business.

There are several out there that have had been victims of this woman's breeding ethics. I keep in touch with everyone, as we have something in common to discuss.

Would love to chat with you about your baby boy..

Look foward to hearing from you,


We boucht a puggle from this breeder several years ago. He hasn't been the healthiest but we have managed to keep him well.

I called Vernetta when he started to have FOCAL seizures, which I was concerned, never told her it was her fault with who she used to breed.I just wanted to know if she had anyone else say this was happening. She was SO short with me told me she called her vet bc I asked that she do & that the vet had never heard of any issues. Well, he definatley has issues that are maintained.

Its sad to say he probably did come from a puppy mill but we spent good money on this dog and she couldn't have been more rude about the situation. I had people who were interested in getting a puggle and I wouldn't recommend her to anyone!I am glad I am not the only one who had problems

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kissabulls R
map-marker Livingston, New Jersey

Vernetta & Geary Cockrum/ Show-mepuppies KNOWINGLY sells sick dogs


I purchased 5 adult female english bulldogs and 1 adult male from Vernetta, Nov. 14, 2010.

She told me all dogs were healthy and had no health issues.

Upon arriving home with the dogs, we started noticing they needed medical attention.

-1 female was diagnosed with genetic entropian (eyelashes folding in and irritating the eyes), in both eyes, stayed swollen in her vaginal area for 8 months, reproductive issues.

-1 female was diagnosed at the university as having pus in her uterus, pyometra, 2 months after purchase. She also suffered from entropian in both eyes.

-1 female was diagnosed with entropian in right eye and elongated palette.

-1 female was diagnosed 90% blind, due to neglected entropian. She had chronic ear infections, and due to years of neglect, had ping ping ball size scar tissue in both ears, rendering her deaf. Skin/food allergies, has to be bathed every 3 days, bleeding from all the scratching.. Lethargic due to all the pain. This female is only 3 yrs. old.

-The male was diagnosed with high blood pressure, semen tainted with blood, heart issues leading to his death, june 2011..

After research on this woman, came to discover that there were people out there that had puppies from this breeding group, and they were having health issues in their puppies.

We have followed the course in contacting all the right agencies:

-Attorney Generals office of Mo.


-Mo. Dept. of Agriculture

-United States Humane Society

-BBB of SW Mo.


-Animal activists of Mo.

We have since found out this woman is not licensed with USDA, but yet she has sold puppies to the Hunte Corp., brokers for pet stores. (As the USDA told me, this is illegal)

We signed a $10,000 contract with this woman on these dogs.

We have consulted with an attorney, and are pursuing this woman in shutting her down.

I have physically been to her home, and kennel. This is what is known as a puppy mill.

She has over 100+ dogs, ranging from maltese/yorkies-boxers/border collies.

What is bad is she knowingly sells puppies with defaults to innocent pet homes. On one incident, she took a puppy in for a health check, the vet. told her the dog had a very bad knee, and was told to notify the new owners of this condition. She didn't of course, shipped the puppy knowing this problem, charging him $2000 for a puppy that will need surgery for him to walk.

I have since been finding more and more innocent pet buyers of this woman, that have received puppies in diplorable conditions.

We have statements from veterinarians, that state; "These are the worst bulldogs, health wise, we have ever seen".

What is the saddest part, is these dogs are very young, all 3 yrs. old.

They never had a chance...

If I can stop one buyer, from the heart ache, I feel I've done my job.

All Mo. residents, listen up.. Prop B may have been overturned for now, but its coming back to the table once again, and will be put on the ballot.. Make your vote count.. Make these puppy mills, know they can't get away with this..

I, personally think noone should have more than 10 breeding dogs.

I have 4, and sometimes wonder how I can keep up with them. How can someone with 100+ animals keep up with all the socialization, medical attention, and care that each animal rightfully deserves?

When I contacted Vernetta about the health concerns these dogs had, she stated, "I sold you good breeding dogs, with good uteruses".. How can anyone breed a dog that is 90% blind??

We have adopted out 3 of the dogs as we don't breed genetic issues, like she does.

We now have 2 females of what we received from her..

Do your research.. Call her vet.. If she won't let you, there's something wrong..

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Are you the person who took the dogs, raised litters of puppies from them to sell for profit, yet never paid for the original dogs?

If the dogs were so sick, why did you keep them rather than take them back?

Or did you just want to claim they were sick hoping they would say keep them, but don't pay? Who is ripping who off here?

I know Geary and Vernetta stand by their puppies and would not sell sick pups...

and they do have a return policy. It seems like you simply did not want to return nor did you want to pay (since you did neither).

kissabulls R
reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-947107

First off, the only time Vernetta offered to take the dogs back was when I had already put $2000 in medical on the dogs. We were unaware at the time that the 2 "supposedly" good females that we bred to the "supposedly" good male, out of the bunch of dogs we purchased from her, had genetic issues.

We lost 7 puppies to heart murmurs and some died a few days after birth due to heart failure. Then course when the male dropped dead for no apparent reason, we had his heart checked. He was 5 and died of genetic heart disease. The other females were non breedable.

One was in such bad shape, she was 90% blind and completely deaf and she was only 2. She's still alive, had to have massive surgery on her eyes, then 2 holes drilled into her head to stop the ear infections. She sits in a corner and doesn't want to move. I stay in touch with her new owners.

Oh... Here's a good one, that particular female was actually bred when vernetta had her. She was only 8 months old. I found an owner on one of those puppies.

Jerry out of Pennsylvania, purchased a bulldog from her out of this blind dog, vernetta took the puppy in for a health check, and was told by her OWN vet that the puppy had a grade 4 luxating patella, and was told to notify the owners. Needless to say your buddy, Vernetta shipped the dog without notifying the owners, they get him off the plane and he can't walk. Hmmmm... The poor dog had to undergo a massive knee surgery.

If she says I didn't pay her, she is incorrect. My Durango was payment.

I've moved on, still doing well. My reputation was never harmed.

It's a shame she can't, and she's "supposedly" a Christian woman.

I like to think I'm a Christian woman, but the forgiving part, really gets me.

I looked at the pain these dogs had endured, the lack of health care... Hard to forgive a woman that did that to innocent animals. I'll be more than happy to give you a number to a puppy client of mine, that bought a puppy out of her mess.

There was a pregnant dog vernetta bred, she delivered 3 puppies about 3 weeks after we got her from vernetta. My puppy buyer, Megan bought the little boy. Now the dog faints, he has a blockage in his heart. And this was from the mess Vernetta sold me.

Believe what you want.

She needs to move on from this, like we have. I've had a lot of emails over the last few years asking about her.

I've stopped over 200 hearts from breaking, by buying from her. Peace be with your friend.

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