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So sad to see ignorant people making personal attacks on a very experienced, wonderful breeder.As if breeders try to produce puppies with health problems! If you are looking for a red merle (doesn't say Aussie or BC), that is already a smaller genetic pool. Depending on the time of year, puppies may not have a lot of outside experience. Alone, they may well freeze, that is not diagnostic of hearing problems. I bought a wonderful, loving BC from...
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A red merle border collie. At that time She did have a large yard but nothing fenced for the dogs to run in that I could see. We were not allowed to enter the dog area, but could hear the constant barking and the smell was disgusting. She did not know what puppy we were there to pick up and after bringing out three puppies we found the one. The puppy would not move on the ground. I asked her to please call the puppy the way she calls them to...
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Anonymous Wow!! What lies! She has 2 acres fenced in for the dogs. Lives on 40 acres in the middle of nowhere. Creek on her property for dogs to swim in. Special puppy room attached ...

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Shoreland Kennel Border Collie Dog Review

I've had 5 border collies from Sue and they have been VERY healthy, great temperaments and shes the best breeder. I just got puppy #6, and I'm in love!