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I was told I would get a $30 ticket rebate for purchasing tickets to the rockettes. It would only cost $1 to join shoppers advantage to get the rebate then I could cancel the membership. What I was sent was $20 in gas coupons and I don't even own a car! Then I was charged twice and called to dispute one charge, they claimed I joined two separate clubs. This business is pure satanic evil DO NOT JOIN Read more

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I purchased some computer parts through TigerDirect, and saw an offer for a refund from Great Fun!, part of Shoppers Advantage. This was in April of 2014. Well, I never got the refund and had cancelled my membership within a few days, well before the month trial membership ended. Since then, they have been taking $16.99/mo. for a service that I did not know I was still signed into and have not used. Today, I called my bank, got a contact number,... Read more

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What a rip-off! I don't even recall getting involved with this company until my bank account was charged. Called to complain and cancel and their attitude was like "tough ***" we got our money! Since I never used the service; I paid for air! Stay away from this company. They *** you into a "trial period" in hopes that you forget about it like I did and then gladly take you money for providing NOTHING of a service. When you hear of this... Read more

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took money out of our account that we didn't authorize ... i am not even a consumer

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What a scam, you cancel but they will continue to charge you and then refuse to refund your money per their terms and conditions. Going to push for a class action lawsuit.

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In 2014, I bought a ticket on Aligeant Airlines and somehow got signed up for Shoppers advantage. I hardly shop and seldom on-line and would not knowingly sign up for this. We were changing credit cards at the time and did not realize this charge was being made to our old credit card. We just discovered they have charged us $16.99 for 24 months. We have never used their services. They offered to refund 11 months charges. I told them I want... Read more

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Recently, having purchased a ticket for a concert event, for $1.00 I was also given the option at the time that I purchased the concert ticket of a 30-day review of Shopper's advantage to decide whether I wanted to sign up for the monthly cost of Shoppers Advantage. Included when I purchased the concert ticket was that in addition to the $1.00 fee for a 30-day review of Shoppers Advantage, there was a rebate offer (whether I ultimately signed... Read more

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The agreement was a $50 rebate to try this service. I had purchased a plane ticket through alligent airlines and was forwarded to this company. Never received packet in the mail or never received $50 rebate. I was charged twice one for GREAT FUN $16.99 and SHOPPERS ADVANTAGE 16.99. I have no idea what shoppers advantage even is. This was never even talked about in our conversation. The company just took it upon themselves to charge to my credit... Read more

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I never signed up for shoppers advantage. Only travelers summer of 2015 and I cancelled it. Suddenly in April and May 2016 there are charges to my bank account. The manager couldn't even explain to me how this happened. He did credit my money back within next week and said he'd forward this to the president of the company. This is Abursd and upsetting!!!!!

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Wow... the exact same thing happened to me except I specifically remember calling to cancel in 2014. Of course, I did not save the confirmation number... I remember the call because the representative made it so difficult to cancel - offering promotions to keep me as a member. Additionally, I remember putting the cancellation date into my phone to remind me to cancel (I always do this to prevent this exact scenario.) I called and shocking...... Read more

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