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It’s not a scam!

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People who are being scammed by this site clearly need to read before they get themselves involved into something. Although maybe, the website did not make it all that clear that there was a monthly fee. I have a membership with a company that the same group owns, complete savings, and the monthly bonus covers the membership cost easily.
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  • 10 percent on big retailers
  • Monthly fee

User's recommendation: Look at the terms and conditions and just select the applicable section (for monthly fees)

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This review is from a real person who provided valid contact information and hasn't been caught misusing, spamming or abusing our website. Check our FAQ

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Positive feedback

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Having used SD for around 8 years, I have saved over £1500 on various purchases. The £10 monthly fee is refunded if you make 1 purchase in a month & you get 10% savings with many partners eg Trainline & Uber Eats)
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Prisma Kqy
map-marker Surbiton, England

Ms Dee Spelman

On checking my bank account I noticed a recurring payment of £10.00 per month for shopper disc. I googled it and did not recognise the site. Further internet searches showed up this 'scam'! I called them and they confirmed that I bought a train ticket( back in 2010 and had selected to have a discount off my next train ticket (or so I thought). Ticking this box gave them access to my card details. They have taken a total of £230.00 from my account!!!! I have NEVER received an e-mail, mailshot, phone call from them. I do not have a membership No so how the *** could I use the benefits? They have been promising a full refund since 29th May but dispite 4 chaser calls and 3 emails (to which there has been no response!) it is still 'being processed'!! Reading feedback on-line seemingly Interflora and other big companies were caught up in this scam but have now removed them from their sites. I have given them an ultimatum today before I take this further. Any feedback for successful claims would be appreciated...
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i just got online banking and checked my statement and noticed that Shopper Discounts 800-889-**** withdrew $12 from my bank acct. upon further investigation i noticed that $12 had been taken from my acct every month since september.

i checked online and noticed that many people were being charged for somthing that they didnt ask for. i called my bank to see if they could keep them from cleaning out my acct if i called and asked for my money back. bank said to call Shopper Discounts first bacause bank could only go back 90 days.

02/26/2014 11:35 called Shopper Discounts 800-889-**** spoke to Carline.

She asked for my last name and postal code which I gave her. then she asked for my first name which i gave to her. she said nope thats not right, then she asked for my RR address i told her that i live at a street address and gave that to her. she tol me that the name and street address are not the same that made an order and request for Shopper Discounts.

i told her that the name on the credit card is mine and the address where they sent the bill for the card is also mine.

then she tell me that someone ordered something 5 years ago and asked for 10 percent discount with my bank card. ive never had issue with bank and check my balance every couple months and keep a little extra in there so i wont bounce a check. so of course i asked her who ordered something with my debit card that lives somewhere else.

I cant tell you that information sir,,,,, WHAT??? ..... someone orders service with my credit card and different first name and you cant tell me. then had to tell names of people at my house.....

nope wasnt her or her......finally after checking with a supervisor she did tell me the name and it definatly isnt the one on my bank card.

58 months they have been taking money from my account and agree to refund 4 months ,,,,,,, i cant believe any reputable company would work with shopper discounts.

next i spoke to carolines supervisor.

Supervisor ADa Butler she says she works for Assinion then tells me that they cant refund more than 4 months and gives me a phone number 866-297-**** to what she calls their claims rep.

i can not believe that is at all legal to charge a visa check card with out the persons first name or address. yep my bad for not looking at bank statements more closely, ou812jims gmail

map-marker Northampton, England

Shopper discounts and rewards!

I noticed on my bank statement shopper discounts and rewards had taken £10 from my account, Neither myself or my wife had signed up for this scam! And it is a scam!! I tried to log on using my email and my wife's email exclaiming I had forgotten my password, both times they came back with no account is registered under this email address. I called them first thing this morning and asked why they were taking money from my account without my permission! They said that my wife had joined after shopping on argos web site, they also said that a banner would have dropped down and said that a ten pound charge will be taken after 1 month free trial period. 1 we have never shopped on Argos on line only reserved an item! 2 no drop down box was seen by my wife! 3 she did not give this company the authority to take money 4 my wife has only had 2 emails from this company both today after cancelling membership I have no doubt that this company is pulling the wool over people's eyes, why do they give you a month free? So that you forget when and how this could have happened that's why!! Why do they not send emails? Because then people would look into it that's why and they wouldn't get the money. My bank informed me that they have had no end of calls about this company and even give me the number to call to get it sorted out! I here on the grape vine that they also operate with easy jet and national express coach travel. I won't be spending any money with a company that has anything to do with this company that's for sure. Lucky I check my account weekly and spotted it otherwise this could have been very costly!! Needless to say after sitting in a phone que for 15 mins, I have cancelled this sham so called membership, and they have said as I haven't used the service! ( suprise suprise as I had never herd of them!!) I'm entitled to a refund of my £10, very big of them!, Rant over, please be carefull!
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I also found that they had been taking £10 per month for the last 27 months, after my wife clicked on a link on the La Redoute website. I called them and they said they will immediately refund 4 months, and email a claim form so I can claim the rest.

Like others, we didn't give them our bank details, so they must have been passed on by La Redoute.

A shady scam if you ask me. I won't rest until I have every penny back.


Same has happened to me


I too have been duped by this company! I've never received any mails, vouchers or anything else from them, until I contacted them to find out why they were taking this money.

Foolishly I hadn't scrutinised my bank statements and they been taking £10 per month since 2nd October 2010 until July 2013. I am sick at this as I had bought something from La Redoute and at no time did I put my bank details into Shopper Discounts & Rewards website. They have just today written to say my account is cancelled and they will refund me £30, the last three monthly payments.

I am now putting this in this hands of Trading Standards. :(


I also fell into this injustice business practice from this company. I recently noticed some unfamiliar monthly charges on my credit card from this company, and trace them back to couple years ago( btw, I linked my credit card email statement to my old email address ,which I forgot for a very long time, otherwise I would noticed these charges sooner). Anyhow, I called this company, found out it was because I bought something form another web site couple years ago and got a 10$ coupon ,then that website put me into shopper discount membership program w/o my awareness and approval. Shopper discount charged me 12$ each month w/o my authorization since then. Good think is that government took action on this company two year ago, FORCE them refund all of the money to the customer in my situation. Call their customer service,they will refund you ,if the membership is more than 6 months, you need fill a claim form. I seems that they do try to correct this mess, I got all my money back two weeks later after I mail the claim form to them.

Good luck

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Shopper Discounts Scam

I live in the UK and had not heard about this scam. I bought a bus ticket for a journey to London from Birmingham with the National Express Coach company and was offered a £10 discount. I signed up for the discount but had no resulting awareness that I had passed on my bank details to Shopper Discounts as a result. I noticed after four months that Shopper Discounts were deducting £10 a month from my credit card. I rang them and asked what this was for and they said it was for 'benefits and services' whatever that is supposed to mean. They did cancel immediately.
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I just read your post and would very much like to provide you with detailed information about your membership. It is important to us that your concerns are addressed and that your issue is resolved and it is easier to do this if you contact us directly so we can find the details of your membership. This way we can help answer your specific queries. You can contact our customer service team on 0800 731 **** (this is a free phone). Alternatively, you can contact me directly at mary@*** If you contact me directly, please reference this post.



map-marker Edmonton, Alberta

Ripped me off to the tune of £136 - check your bank statement!

I had seen the 'shopper discounts and rewards' line on my bank statement and had no clue what it was so googled it. I found the thread on Shopper Discounts on this site- thanks - to anyone who posted. Once I found out what it was I contacted them by phone (long distance call) and cancelled my 'subscription' (as they like to call it). I then wrote them a stinking email demanding to know - where they got my details. They replied fairly quickly. It looks like I ordered some flowers with interflora and fell for the 'save £10' off your next purchase trick (what a gem). I moved out of the UK over a year ago and do not check my bank statements as I no longer use my UK account. Unfortunately they had collected £136 from me without my knowing. They responded to my email and apologised and have offered to refund the money. I will wait and see if this happens. They claim it is a legitimate service and that they take data protection seriously. It was a very lengthy and well versed response. It seems that they get the money where they can but hold their hands up when you catch them. I plan to write a letter to Interflora asking why they endorse these jokers on their site. The companies who permit these people access to their customers are just as bad. If this happens to you I suggest you do the same and also while you are at it write to ITC and FOS too. If they don't cough up the refund I will post again.
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Shopper Discounts and Rewards

When booking a flight with, the website asks you if you want to save £10.00 on your booking. If you click "yes", it re-directs you to the Shopper Discounts and Rewards website. They ask you for your email address, and while you think it is some type of newsletter you are signing for, what you are really doing is signing on for a direct debit of £8.00 a month, from the same credit card that you used to pay your flight. You don't have to give them any details, only your email address. I am sure they get the information from Easyjet. It took me 3 months to actually realise that they were charging me this monthly amount on my credit card. When you phone them to cancel, they are ready for it, they even have a cancellation automated service (I bet they get quite a high rate of cancellation). After cancelling, I tried to talk to an operator, who read me a 10 minutes speech about how it was my fault and I should have read the small print. When you phone them, they are ready for it, I bet they get lots of phone calls from people as upset as I was. I finally got them to refund 2 payments they took from my credit card, so I suppose they are not doing anything completely illegal, but in my opinion it is definitely immoral. I haven't got any service for this money they took from me, and I wasn't even aware that I signed for this service in the first place. People, be aware! and about Easyjet, who I considered a reputable company, the only thing I can say is that I am very disappointed with them for associating with this type of company, and I will avoid flying with easyjet in the future, as they lost my trust on them as a customer. By the way, this company changes its name constantly., or may have appeared on your statement. Check them out in the internet. There are a few interesting reviews from USA.
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*** these *** people! Goddamnit they got $24 from me for nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beware of transactions from Buy dot com.

Thats where I supposedly signed up for this bs at.. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


Thanks for the heads up on this company. I saw their ad recently after a purchase but thought the offer was too good to be true. Glad I didn't sign up.

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Montel Nyt
map-marker London, England

SCanmmed by EasyJet and Shoppers Discounts

easyJet gave my credit card details to a third party in what is basically a trick scenario - I am suprised that they associate with Shoppers Discounts as there is quite a lot written about this scam on the internet. Here is the process: I bought a flight from easyjet in UK who offered me a future discount which I accepted - however what really happened was easyJet sent my credit card details to a discount club. Shopper Discounts then sent junk like email that was filtered by my email system. A couple of months later they billed my credit card £8 and every month since. I did not want to join this club.
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