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after almost 7 weeks of having my money for an installed shed, I finally called them on a Friday before in Livonia, MI and asked if we were still scheduled for the following Monday. the guy said absolutely and that they would be there between 8:30-10:00. A perfect clear day which I took the day off work to get this installed. finally about 10 minutes to 12:00 noon, I get an email and said they tried to call but our line was busy so they have to...
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I didn't like
  • Extremely poor customer service
  • Could care less about customers time
Initially ordered and was told I would receive the shed in 2-4 weeks. Never received the call for scheduling so I called and the soonest they could schedule the delivery and installation was 5 weeks later. I took the appointment. But later in the day I figured I would call back and just by chance see if any earlier appointments had opened up. When I called customer service they said we weren't even in the book!!! I argued and said I had...
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Anonymous Ok..update to above. My husband is a very patient man and going to give these guys one more shot for delivery. If all goes well I hopefully then will be able to update the abo...