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I purchased almost $3000 worth of the Vinyl Laminate flooring from shaw to do do my living room and another large room in about seven months ago and I cannot express how worthless this product is. We installed these flat vinyl WATERPROOF planks in about two days total but it didn't take long for my husband and I to have some serious issues with this flooring. About a week after install I noticed the floor starting to wave. Come to find out, this...
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I didn't like
  • I hate the flooring and not fond of the company
Bob flooring brand new from Jabara had to have certain installers install it cuz can't install it yourself now we're on the fifth year and the stuff looks horrible it's swollen up we did the cleaning procedure in the manual use that are 2X and it got humid here outside 80% this spring and that's all I can think of but the woods swollen up this stuff is not very good and the warranty does not hold up she does not have integrity this company is a...
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Anonymous My floor was bought an installed by their authorized dealer. This was installed in a 600 sq ft guest house, water is located on only one wall, about 3 ft apart. Although the...