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After I opened my account, they called me telling different facilities on premium account. I paid around 2500 Rs for premium service. 2. Suddenly after 5-6 days while trying to log on via my mobile, it was asking me to use desktop or laptop for log on. I gave my laptop for repair and as I can't use office desktop for personal service, for about 1 week couldn't use the service and I didn't even get a mail/ message or call for this. 3. When I...
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Do not pay anything to I was premium member. Worst mistake i made in my life. do not pay for anything on 90% off the profile is ***. Do not belive any accept invitation. all those invitation is *** also. there is not refund policy. most of the profile they creat from facebook and other social media website. person even don't know their picture is on  in my chat bare i have 10 profile alway available to...
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Shaadi Premium Membership Review

*** company. Just took the money and they will not reply you. Block your profile