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Seton sports and neuro greedy unscroupulous!!!

Updated by user Oct 11, 2015

Typo error paragraph eleven should read,agenda had been changed to foot and ankle joint pain right ankle.Typo error paragraph twelve should read, she was claiming I had only right ankle joint pain.

Updated by user Oct 11, 2015

Please read my added additional comments at end of review scroll down to all.

Original review Oct 10, 2015
I gave my plantar fascitis referal to this place on north lamar in Austin Texas.Was given physical therapist with initials K. F. This was in JuneJuly2012.I told her at evaluation that I had a steroid injection in my right heel, and a steroid injection in my left heel in 2011, for the plantar fascitis. The steroids were a documented allergen and had made worse. I also still had sore irritated area on my right heel where needle was injected from that steroid, and rest of right heel still irritated from the past injection though injection spot worse. I also wrote this info in. I also told her I had long history of lumbar sacral l5s1 radiculopathy with marked DDD l5s1, lumbosacral spondylosis, lumbar arthritis and stenosis multilevel. And cervical marked c56, and marked c67 DDD, with spondylosis and multilevel uncovertabral disease with foraminal narrowing and cervical radiculopathy. The place that refered me was treating me for all these. I told and wrote info in. Obviously the plantar fascitis coming from under feet. The l5s1 radiculopathy heels and under feet pain was different and came from lumbosacral DDD.This place only given referal to treat me for the bilateral plantar fascitis. I was given toe raises to do dorsiflexing heels with printout. And a toe curl towel exercise.K.F. told me to MAKE SURE that my knee was bended when doing each dorsiflection, so as not to irritate sciatic nerve.I did the exercises, lots had and no problems. When I went back to Seton sports and nuero I did these same exercises and some exercises on the equipment. Once told to do exercises first and then got a P.T.A. after and told him I did exercises. Last day K.F.the P.T.woman I had tells me to take my shoes off and get on steps and do ten heel raises each foot, and then repeat 3 times each foot! She demonstrated. I told her the hard wooden step was too sore to bear weight on when I attempted the exercise and I put my shoes back on. Then I did as she said. I stopped a lot of times as legs fatigued. I remarked, wow, you need to be in shape to do this! I held rail for balance. I saw K.F. I remember standing glaring at me. I could not understand why she would give me such an exercise as CONTRARY to my medical condition and I got low spine ache and irritated l5s1. Was contrary this straight leg and straight leg on steps dorsiflexion. Then K.F. said for me to lay on table with legs both straight on table rom the ankles and dorsiflexing feet HARD. I thought she was checking feet nerves, told her nerves irritated back of heel and outside of, especially right foot. That is weaker my right leg hx of.Then wrote some in forms and discharged.I did not read until October 2014. HIDEOUS! She was paid by this United Healthcare medicaid insurance to discredit me like I had no medical condition and was a nutter !! Put in my files that she had NO evaluation blamin it on me cause I was chaningg topics and she could not redirect me. Barf! Pleeeeez! You know how nutty someone would have to be for her to even suggest that! Then aenda had been chaned to heel pain riht ankle so was doin heel raises entire HEP and in sessions! Not even the plantar fascitis dianosis that was in records was there. And arm and le pain added to the bogus ankle joint pain I never had. And why was heel raises done on left if she was claimin I had only right heel pain! Fake out attempt to make like I did exercises spine and l5s1 would not hold up to. And only last day the ankles and DUH is sciatic nerve pain like what I told her. Degenerated scheme usin my medical condition to play out pullin off deranged bous ankle joint pain scheme. The whole thin so unleit!! How gullible and naive would someone be not to catch on. Makin like I am flake with vague symptoms, no diagnoses, nothing wrong and an advanced aged nutter woman making me out to be for record! Paid to do this. All stated my ONLY humble opinions. I reported to UHC and they ignored complaint on K.F. the P.T. Instead ot five goofy multple reports I NEVER made sent to me and one from DHS on lamar austin Texas I never made as well plus multiple harassin calls about services and reports I never made in Nov,204,dec.2014 and last in january 2015.Reportin anywhere they have their cronies, so cannot much do about. Dropped UHC officially december 2014,never called them after made K.F.complaint on her P.T. fake records. Could not get fake reports UHC sent me, five of, or the fake DHS complaint I never made from jan.2015.Still on medicaid with a different insurance as no other health insurance. This laptop keyboard skips, excuse typos, sorry.Above meant Nov.2014,dec.2014 and jan.2015. Total of six fake complaints somebodys are impersonatin me when I made a fax to try and get phony complaints I never made, the files on.NEVER acknowledged the K.F.P.T. report, just sent more goofy multiple request fake reports I never made when tried to fax to get these files I never made, taking focus off censored K.F. report. I saw K.F.report file and was CHANGED, not wha I reported but I kept faxes I had sent .And medicaid people are the lowlives huh?
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Lowry Hpq

I posted to add to review, however seems it never clicked through maybe my connection froze. Golly Molly author me.

Pictures were only plantar fascitis exercises that were in records, except last day dated the heel raises. From day one plantar fascitis was never on P.T. agenda even in evaluation never mentioned. Plantar fascitis diagnosis referal was in the p.t.

record however, never used. Whole agend switched to foot and ankle joint pain and arm and leg pain. And all the sessions had me doing bogus heel raises right and left foot that I NEVER did. And home exercises indicated in record I was doing heel raises I never did.

Saw K.F. wrote June52012 right ankle joint pain. Nothing else. Like I was flake that could not do plantar fascitis exercise heels down dorsiflexion as ankle hurt.

LIE! I never said that. Did heels down toes up both feet plantar fascitis dorsiflexion exercises with bent knee for hep and in P.T. sessions everytime only.

Only time did heels up exercise was last day. And discharge K.F.contradicted herself AGAIN, I wrote in this review her dischage comments. Also agenda was made before even went in, pleeeeeze! Phony baloney.

Not any mention of plantar fascitis in agenda or agenda heading or initial evaluation. And if someone really had right ankle joint pain and not beable to do heel down exercises there would be details of not nothing about. And why she have treating both left and right foot for ankle joint pain? And throwing leg and arm pain in which have diagnoses as I explained.

Reasons obvious and wrote into review why.

Seems like did not click through when I explained this, if delay in clicking through then you might see previously also explained. Golly Molly


I am Golly Molly author. Please read my additional comments at the end scroll to all.


It was last day K.F. the physical therapist did the rom ankles type exam.

Right after she had me do all the heel raises on steps standing up on my toes. Maybe why she had me take shoes off to do so she could get me laying on back on table with both my legs straight out and irritate the S1 nerve roots faster with her some eversions pressures and hard dorsiflexions of my feet and ankles! However I did with shoes on as I said. Hard wooden steps bearing your weight on doing those exercises for someone with bottoms of feet condition would make sore.Last day s1 nerve pain right ankle does not equate first day changing entire agenda to right and left ankle joint pain treating for.

Not even legit, so flat out absurd whole thing! The exercises in records were only plantar fascitis ones. K.F. indicated documented that last day I asked for picture of this heel raises on steps exercise, which I certainly did, and only time it was in records was dated last day.

I wondered what it was the exercise. I never did it again. Never had ankle joint pain or did any heel raises period except that one last day. I also have l5s1 discogenic endplates and modic l5s1 endplates changes in addition to almos collapsed l5s1disc.

This all done for third party jeering cronies or third parties these twisted bogus games. They get paid to do them, they do not have to do these unethical things.

They also think no one will even lisen to me or take me seriously and they can do anything they want. The UHC insurance I was on would pay for nothing, only for things like this.All said me Golly Molly author of above are my only humble opinions.


Also she said I had no treatment, none for foot pain, she wrote that on the P.T.records. And I wrote in an told her so she would treat!

Ice bottle roll over did.She knew exactly what she was doing. A bought and paid for UNSCRUPULOUS puppet for the insurance company.

Not use that word much so not spell correctly in heading! Golly Molly is me, my humble opinions...


The keyboard is messed up, so typos and freezing also, sorry. Agenda was changed to, Joint Pain Ankle and Foot and arm and leg pain, for diagnoses.

CHANGED from the plantar fascitis referal that WAS in records!. And she made like I not do my hep much that I did and they were toes up heel dorsiflexionsNOT heel raises! Made like I had right ankle joint pain on first day and could not do heel down plantar fascitis exercises, is ludicrous game she played along with whoever came up with twisted deranged prank in first place! So could make I did exercises spine no hold up o and flakelike to even have in first place, like I have pain in head game.

But not even in agenda, agenda just changed from start. Last day she puts and why only on right? Also I got fascitis sock, have receipt, she said I not buy.She was not treating for fascitis in fake report yet inconsistancies.LAST page discharge says,chronic bilateral foot pain and 0 improvement. And discharged with HEP.

Pleeeez! NEVER treated for according to this P.T. record fake!! And DDD she put I had at end!

Trying to discredit me!??! In beginning I author of initial report above put she changed agenda to right heel pain, obviously meant right ankle joint pain.

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