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Serenity Dalmatians - Puppy Breeder Review from Newark, New Jersey

This breeder had spotted kingdoms in ohio before she moved please read those reviews before you buy a puppy from her. And she is using my picture in her adds without my permission which is illegal.
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This is a big time backyard breeder originally breeding the same 2 females ever heat cycle (2 times a year). I put a deposit on one of her puppies and backed after many out of that litter died and saw photos she sent me of head to toe scabs that my puppy had, in addition to a fever, pneumonia, and the mothet stopped producing milk (Daisy).

Thr breeder attempted to tube feed them and it was either 1 or 2 more that died. I backed out and was not refunded per her contract. I know I could have gotten it back with all the evidence I had but it was not worth the time that would be involved.

I have owned Dalmatians for 20 years now and if you are looking for a Dalmatian please see Dalmatian resources group on facebook for a responsible breeder. I currently have 3 and they should not have so many health problems.

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Once again, I am the breeder in question here. I would like to start off by saying that I have many positive reviews from happy puppy buyers.

It is only this ONE lady who continues to attack me, YEARS later.

Second, I have never lost more than a single pup from one litter. This lady, who likes to pose as fake buyers I have never done business with (I have evidence), is a big time liar. Multiple puppies died in this litter? Odd.

My AKC records show 9 registered, living, healthy dogs from the litter you are talking about. How many pups are you trying to say she had, that so many died? She had 10 (which I have pictures to prove). There was one puppy that died in the litter the person above is talking about.

The litter was my FIRST EVER litter as a breeder. Mama was not producing enough milk and, being a new breeder, I did not know what to do about this (I do now...she just needed extra calcium). So I did what I thought was the responsible thing and took the puppies to the vet to get help. The vet (Olde Falls Road Small Animal Clinic in Zanesville, OH) didnt even attempt to bottle feed or get mamas milk supply up.

He jumped straight to tube feeding and, being a new breeder, I was didnt know about how easily tube feeding can go wrong. The vet over fed 3 pups, causing the milk to get into their lungs. One died AT THE VET. I took the other two to Brandywine Hospital for pets, where they were given a 25% chance of survival.

With hard work and weeks of dedication, I saved them. As to the other rubish claims here...they are simple LIES. Multiple puppies never died. This person, who seems to fancy themselves a breeding expert, should do a little research about back to back breeding and how it is HEALTHIER and RECCOMENDED by reproduction vets!

Do a simple google search. Still, if we do breed back to back, it is not often and it is only done if the circumstances are right. My AKC records are proof of this. The choice to breed my dogs is based first and foremost on my dogs health.

I am a responsible breeder. I health test, raise my pups in my home, socialize properly, all my dogs and pups go to the vet.....and these are just some of the basics. DOZENS of Dalmatian breeders don't do ANY of these things (the majority of breeders dont even BAER test)...and yet this ONE person has been following me online for YEARS, attacking me. Enough of the lies.

I did make some mistakes out of inexperience when I was a new breeder. This does not make me a backyard breeder (someone who irresponsibly breeds their dogs with little concern for the dogs, puppies or the breed's well being) or irresponsible. What kind of backyard breeder makes a 5 hour round trip drive to have their puppies hearing tested? What kind of backyard breeder refuses to sell a puppy as a breeder to a true back yard breeder (the kind who cant even tell me what their breeding goals are), even when they offer me nearly double the money?

Backyard breeders are not concerned with these things. Responsible breeders are. You can read many CURRENT reviews about me that show I am a good breeder. Paula....enough.

Go attack the breeders who dont health test or who raise their pups in outdoor dirt kennels or barns. Those who dont socialize their pups. Attack those who dont care enough to sell their pups with contracts, which promises the puppy to be healthy or the owner is entitled to a FULL refund. Or how about those that wont take back their puppies, allowing them to end up in shelters?

When one of my pups needed some extra training last year, I took him back and worked with him and then gave him back to his owners. Is that the work of a backyard breeder? Or how about the free puppy I gave to one of my puppy owners after he lost his Dalmatian due to an accident? Is that the sort of thing that an uncaring, cold hearted, selfish, money hungry breeder would do?

I still have a lot to learn when it comes to being a breeder. I expect, when Ive been raising dogs for 20 years, Ill still say this.

I have plenty of references. Previous buyers and even my vet are happy to talk about the excellent care my dogs and pups receive.


What photo is of concern? can you provide a link so we know what you are talking about?

how long has the photo been in use without your permission?

whatever happened with your dalmatian and request for partial refund? I read a ton of other reviews and responses from the breeder and it seemed they were trying to work with you?

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Saidy Uzh
map-marker Pleasant Hill, Iowa

Serenitydals has the most AWESOME puppies anywhere!

stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full
Serenitydals has the most healthy, beautiful puppies I have EVER seen! I got my first Dalmatian puppy, Patch from them 2 1/2 years ago! He is an amazing puppy! Patch was potty trained by his 3rd day with us and even as a puppy he was so well behaved inside our home! We have 8 children and Patch loves each and every one of them! Patch makes his rounds every night checking on all the kids before he settles in for the night! He has been such a GREAT addition to our family! Serenitydals raises all their puppies in their home! They raise their puppies with children, cats and other dogs and have the most socialized puppies ever! ANYONE choosing to bring a puppy into their home from Serenitydals will be making a WONDERFUL decision! ENJOY!
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Good quality

We must not be talking about the same backyard breeder. This one is in Iowa now.

Used to be Spotted Kingdoms in Ohio 2 1/2 years ago. Nice try though.


Please review Spotted Kingdoms in Zanesville Ohio. This breeder moved and there are numerous complaints.

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