map-marker Akron, Ohio Ripoff, SentimentMetrics ruined my reputation Sentiment Metrics is a SCAM is absolutely ridiculous! I was baited in by their pitch for "restore online reputation" with the "best pricing." My project officially started 7/13/09 and I am still waiting for some results. SentimentMetrics Account Managers- if you want to call them that, are nothing more than recent high school graduates that think they understand the computing world. They have absolutely "managerial" talent or authority. They have "supervisors" listed under their contacts to make complaints to, however they don't provide a name or extension. I've sent over 240 emails since 6/11/09 to which a "supervisor" has never responded! I'm on my 3rd "account manager" this week. Sentiment Metrics is the worst SEO company ever. These guys don't know what they are doing but they charge you every month.
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Sentiment Metrics is a SEO company? So far I know they offer a really cool sentiment monitoring software..