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A Rn from this company almost caused the death of my dad!!

I would ask anyone who is thinking about homehealth agencies to not use this business.My father was a patient of this homehealth for 8 months so I am well aware of how this place operates.My father had a botched hip surgery at alleghany regional hospital.He came out of a simple 40 min surgery in almost a vegative state.He most certainly was not like this prior to surgery and any number of nurses,lawyers,and other professionals agree something went wrong during his surgery and was most likely covered up to try and avoid a lawsuit.When my father started with Sentara homehealth on main street in covington virginia he had recently been rendered bedridden by the botched hip surgery but was in otherwise good bodily shape.I stayed with my father 24/7 and watched everything the (so called) professionals from sentara did and did not do with my father.I was my fathers primary care giver but I had Rn's come to my home 3 times a week and a cna everyday.I mostly had the cna come just to have someone else to talk to as what they did my mother and I could have easily have done.The cna's were to give my father a bath and that was it.The problems started within a week.As I said before my father was bidriddin and he also had been rendered incontinent from this surgery (something he was NOT before) so rubber gloves were needed to wear when cleaning him.I explained from the start that I am allergic to latex.I was told by the nurse that was no problem that they would get me some latex free gloves.The next time the nurse came to my home she had about 8 pair in a plastic bag.I was shocked and she told me that was all they had.So for about 2 months or more I continues to ask every RN and cna that came to my house for latex free gloves.I was told by some employees that they had heard nurses telling other families that the agency did not supply gloves.I continued to get only a few pair in a plastic bag for months so my family and I started to buy them ourselves.This was something that interested me especially when I was told some homes had boxes of gloves and other supplies yet I could get basically none.My father had medicare and he was a man who worked all his life and paid into the joke that is the american healthcare system and he deserved to have the supplies needed to care for him.I decided one day to call sentara's corporate office in Norfolk Va and find out just exactly what was covered and available for the care of my father.I was told by a woman on the phone that yes latex gloves were supplied by the company.A few hours later we recieved a call from the manager of the local sentara office.He was a little angry that we had not called him directly and asked for gloves.I thought this was strange that we should have to call the director of the local homehealth agency and ask for basic supplies.After that day I recieved the gloves as I should have all along.Every cna was great except one.The woman I will speak about was nice and friendly but she only halfway did her job and that is just being honest.Both my mother and I witnessed this.I told another employee one day about this and was told that I was the 5th family that had personally complained to her about this cna.I asked why does she still have a job?? I recieved no answer to that but I was told that if I complained they would stop her from coming to my house and she would just go elsewhere and do the same thing.I was told this has happened before.The RN's were nice and friendly too except for the fact that one of the RN's almost caused the death of my father.My father had in a foley catheter and after 30 days he had not improved at all after the botched surgery.After 30 days it was time to change the catheter and a nurse named Lisa Jessie came to my home to do it.She is a RN and her husband is one of the people that owned the local homehealth agency before it was bought by Sentara.Lisa was interested in what happened to my father and even asked if I was sure he had not coded during surgery.She said I worked at Alleghany regional and they put in the records what they want in the records.I stood on the other side of my fathers bed the entire time she was changing the catheter.I always did this so my father would know I was there and he was not alone.The RN took out the old foley and inserted the new one and blood started to come out.Never in the entire 30 days prior did my father ever have blood in his urine.The RN looked a little scared I noticed.I asked her is this normal and she said yes.After a few mins she still did not get any urine so she injected 1 cup of saline and still got no output.She continued to inject saline into my fathers bladder via the foley until she had enjected 4 cups and still no output.She looked at me and said she had to go do an admission and that if my father did not have any urine output within an hour to call the office and have them page her.I could not believe this RN was going to leave my house with my father in this condition.About 5 mins after she left I noticed a spot of blood on my fathers gown and lifted it up and a pool of blood was between his legs.I called Sentara and told them about it and to page the RN.The nurse Lisa did not return to my house for about another 30 or 40 mins.By the time she got to my home my father was white as a sheet and shaking.The Rn took out the foley and put in another one there was blood everywhere.At this point my mother and aunt were there.My mother was at my fathers bed also and asked the nurse was this normal and the nurse said no.After about 45 mins the nurse agreed to call 911 and have my father taken to the hospital.The EMS staff as well as the staff in the ER were shocked at the condition of my father because of the inability of a RN to do her job correctly.We were told my father was close to death as he was in shock and his pulse and blood pressure were so very high.They had to medically convert him in the Er which is where they stop your heart for a second.All this was because the Rn did not know what she was doing.My mother and I told the Er staff in detail what happened.This nurse had injured my father so bad a MD could not even place a foley at the ER so my father had to be taken an hour to another hospital with a urologist.My father was placed in the pCu unit at Lewis Gale hospital in Salem Va and the doctors noted that he had a tramautic urethra injury in his records.My father was in the hospital for about a week because of this.We complained to the homehealth office and the office of Sentara corporate and nothing was done.I filed a complaint with the office of licensure and certification in Richmond Va and they investigated this.I did not find out until later that what really happened was not even recorded in my fathers records at the homehealth agency.When questioned by investigators the RN Lisa Jessie lied and said she never left my home and this was clearly a lie.Several other employees also lied and covered for her this included Blenda Newton and Casey Carrol the manager and supervisor at the local agency.When I called Sentara corporate in Norfolk Va the people I spoke with were rude and acted as if what I was talking about was not really important.I would ask anyone needing one of these agencies to not use this one as all you or you family are to this place is a number and a dollar sign.The local agency was cited for regulatory violations.
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Here is an update about this joke of a business.On the one year anniversary of my fathers death march 30th I receive in the mail a letter from Sentara talking about our next oxygen order.I quickly called Sentara in Norfolk Va and told them that it was bad enough that my father was subjected to their negligence and was almost killed by a nurse while he was a patient of theirs I went on to ask why a year later we were still getting letters from them and on the one year anniversary of my fathers death especially.The woman said oh that it was just a mass mailed letter.I told her my father had not been a patient of Sentara since his death a year ago and that I expected to receive nothing more from them.The woman responded yes and she said she was sorry and she would contact respiratory.This is a poorly managed business from corporate level down.

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