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Dear sir, Am using sensodyne toothpaste from longtime, its working well on my gums and protecting my against the pathogens i feel , and also it protecting teeth from formation caries but the people tells that its contains fluoride its leads many other oral cancer etc. please give how the fluoride acts on teeths and protects if so what is the limit of fluoride percentage in the toothpaste is good for health.Regularly am using the sensodyne and...
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I love sensodyne and i havent had issues in the past when using pronamel fresh mint. I have been recently bleaching my teeth and have returned to reduce sensitivity. I was looking through the products and i found one i hadnt tried: sensodyne fresh mint 24/7 protection. The second i placed the toothpaste to my teeth and gums, my gums began to burn. My gums are already sensitive because of the prefiled whitening trays i purchased from my dentist...
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in one of my recent purchases, i realized that the flavor that i normally get and was satisfied with, "Fresh Mint" was gone--- instead i saw different flavors with a different look to the packaging. I was honestly hesitant in buying these new tooth pastes by Sensodyne. I cannot remember the second tooth paste that i grabbed, but one of the two was "Daily Protection". With both of the toothpastes, i felt burning in some of my teeth and my breath...
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rollo2016 The active ingredient in most sensitive toothpastes is potassium nitrate, 5%. Thus, look around and buy one containing this ingredient and one which you like that is much chea...

I liked
  • Fresh mint
I didn't like
  • Daily protection and other new flavors added

Sensodyne Fresh Mint Toothpaste Review

Badbreath. Formula changed. Minty freshness gone.
I first used gentle whitening and within a week I felt like I had nails in my throat could not get rid of the soreness did not relate it to toothpaste right away by second week realized it was the culprit stopped call GSK and let them know. Then recently tried sensodyne fresh mint (green color) not a good sign although did not know until I opened it... used now I feel like I have a huge ball of cotton and having discomfort swallowing and keep...
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bobs2015 You are obviously sensitive to something in the toothpaste formula. Perhaps the potasium nitrate common in these sensitive concoctions. Or, it could be one of the inactive ing...