Dangerous dog that has attacked many times

My husband,myself and my dog have been attacked and bitten by the neighbors pitbull. I was taken to hospital after bite on my arm, in my garage,while attacking my small He was running loose,with no collar,,,as did ALL of them,prior to putting up ridiculous 4 ft.iron fence.When all boys home, can be 6 dogs in all. ;4 pits,1 hunting dog,and poodle.Called animal control and was dog was allowed to stay home for quarantine,,since neighbor,a lawyer got his vet to call county and get dispensation,,since dog is anxious when confined... On next atttack, same dog came behind open fence door and knocked down my husband and almost killed my dog,,in our driveway. Vet bills over $2000 so far,,and husband must see more doctors for contiueing problems.Called animal control AGAIN,,and took dog in to facitlty for 10 days. Then, LET HIM LOOSE, not even declaring a DANGEROUS DOG,,or even following state stautes re this. Even after our affadavits,,and past history with same dog. Dog is now back at home,behind same puny fence and nothing has been done. Even had 4 neighbors call,with past dog attack complaints,but animal control said ,,,not right after the attack and would not even take statements. Also, said that case has been closed. So hired an attorney and sueing neighbor and animal control. But now live in fear for our lives,,must arm ourselves to go outside. No way to have to live..and animal control did NOT protect either the people or dog that were attacked. Be warned,,,no help at all.
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map-marker Oviedo, Florida


there is NOTHING in Seminole county that is legitimate decent or normal. this entire county is corrupt...everyone in this county every business..person...I mean major one is corrupt or evil. this is why murderers can get away with killing young black males. its a horrible place to exist. No one is out to protect or help anyone and everyone is truly evil. You have no idea. When you are calling for help or a victim..all you get is abused mistreatment and accusations and rude disturbed sick people. Now I called animal control hoping they can come get a stray cat in my yard. Not because its a stray cat but because this cat has displayed some obvious potential signs of potential rabies. It chased me and im very worried. Also I have a few cats of my own and would never call it on a random stray. I called this horrible bizarre disgusting animal country of Seminole county hoping someone can come and catch the cat to observe it-- as the cat has been hissing, jumped at my cat many times, and then chased me and scared me. These are ALL signs of potential rabies. I called the horrendous Seminole county animal control to try to get help...and the rude pathetic *** on the phone tells me that they get TONS of calls for stray cats and that people can come and get their own traps for stray cats. I explained to this horrible *** that this isn't a 'stray cat' but a cat which I Fear would have rabies and I would hope someone can catch it to observe it. the disgusting rude *** on the other end tells me she doesn't think it's rabies and that the cat is just a feral cat. Im the *** do you even know that and how can you determine that at all??? this terrible person was SO RUDE...rude as ***...someone should sue this corrupt dishonest unethical company..for their bad service...seriouslky...NOTHING in Seminole county is is the WORST place in the world. everything is corrupt evil or cruel. victims are always screwed to no end...Let me explain...there was an innocent stray cat in orange country near wher ei worked and someone called animal control on a harmless cat to pick it up. Animal control went to pick up a HARMLESS CAT and this horrible white trash *** from Seminole county is telling citizens that a potential RABID CAT cannot be picked up???? this whole city needs ot be have NO IDEA THE CORRUPTION THAT IS PRESENT can call animal control on HARMLESS ANIMALS but if you call it on a potential RABID animal these disgusting monsters and fiends dO NOTHING....I cant even believe this???? NO ONE HELPS OUT VICTIMS and everything is BACKWARDS HERE....I have NEVER Witnessed or encountered such *** and twisted warped ethics in my life.... can you imagine citizens calling ANIMAL CONTROL for potentiall RABID animals and getting some uneducated *** on the phone telling them they need to come get their OWN TRAPS to catch a potentially RABID ANIMAL??? the companies here are FOR ANYTHING WRONG EVIL OR not kidding..this whole CITY NEEDS TO BE BOYCOTTED..there is nothing but evil and corruption and disturbed evil people who like to fight anyone.... if someone vandalizes your property..guess what...they will fight FOR THE CRIMINAL...if you have a potentially rabid animal...even your LOCAL ANIMAL CONTROL IS CORRUPT AND WILL DO NOTHING ABOUT THIS??? what kind of horrible city is this???? WICKED CORRUPT DISTURBED....SICK PEOPLE BOYCOTT THIS HORRIBLE CORRUPT CITY!!!
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anything you do in Orlando which involves YOU being a victim or needing help you WILL get screwed...ALWAYS. if you get in a car accident...these fiends will try to pin it on the perpetrator and blame it on the victim.

if your neighbor vandalizes your property....the cops will try to help out the vandal and give him leeway and ignore the victim and let him get away with ANYTHING. if you suspect a potentially rabid animal, the horrible animal control does NOTHING and treats you terribly but if you call animal control on an innocent animal they will come and get the INNOCENT ANIMAL???? and if you have neighbors trespassing on your yard...they do NOTHING to help you but try to defend the neighbor and harass the victim...what kind of HORRIBLE CITY IS THIS???


people need to know the TRUTH about this place...there is ONLY corruption here???? there is NOTHING GOOD JUST EVIL CORRUPTION AND BACKWARDS EVIL PEOPLE HERE WHO HELP OUT CRIMINALS AND ABUSE VICTIMS...this is the city of the devil..!!!

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