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Water heater broke down. First I was told that warranty had expired. Had two months left on agreement. Rep verified but claims manager Jermel wanted me to send in contract that they had - which rep had just confirmed validity. Then because I said there was water on top of the heater Jermel said the problem was a leak and leaks were not covered. He made a technical decision without inspection. Hey, send someone out and if that is their evaluation...
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I liked
  • That i never have to deal with them again
  • Not at all they are fraud
I didn't like
  • Will not repair covered items
On July 22nd 2016 we called select home warranty claims department at 1:20 p.m. in the afternoon. We filed the claim for air conditioner not working and was told that someone would call us back or send us an email within 2 to 3 hours. After five hours we called the company again and was told we had to wait 12 to 24 hours. My husband also called because the house was at 82 degrees and he did not want to get heat stroke again. All total we made...
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I thought a home warranty plan would be a great idea because I had no way of knowing how old the hot water heater, furnace, etc. were. Hot water heater burst; called SHW to make a claim. Two days later still had not heard anything. Called to check status of my claim and was told that "leaks" are not covered. WHAT?!! Obviously, if anything goes wrong with a hot water heater, there will be a "leak" because the heater is filled with WATER!! ...
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I didn't like
  • Poor customer service denial of repairl of covered items
  • Do not repair items and provide horrible customer service
Then said we wont pay for water heater leak, yet never fixed the toilet or garbage disposal. When had to pay another contractor ( an actual PLUMBER, who knew what he was doing). It cost us $1,500 and Select Home Warranty said they would refund our premiums and the expenses paid to their original shottie contractor. That was January. March 9th, we followed up, were told our check had been issued and mailed; allow up to 14 days. Its now...
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Anonymous Report them to the Better Business Bureau in your state and the state where their headquarters is located

I didn't like
  • Horrible customer service
  • Very dishonest
  • Company period