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Before doing so, the tech got verbal approval from Select Home Warranty and work was carried out. The second call was NOT approved by Select; they stated that the work was a maintenance issue, involving cleaning of the condenser. I disputed this. However, the company said that the first tech did not receive approval (that is untrue) and that this tech said the issue involved "serious" cleaning. That is also completely untrue as the...
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Select Home Warranty is VERY crafty in getting their own bogus reviews up on the internet search engines...I happened upon this site only after I started legal and governmental action against this horrible company. Lesson learned. But I'm suing them and filing complaints with every regulatory/business agency I can find. My tale is just like all of yours. Although, they don't have an acknowledged contract from me. I never got one! Even...
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I liked
  • That i never have to deal with them again
  • Not at all they are fraud
I didn't like
  • Do not repair items and provide horrible customer service
  • Will not repair items
  • Lack of clarity in plan coverage