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Found the exact watch I was looking for on your website, and the price was fantastic.The only problem I had was that I was told twice, once before I bought the watch, and once after I had it for a few months, that the face illuminated in the dark. Found out, after sending it in for repair, that it did not have this feature. Still decided to keep the watch because I liked it so much and the price was right. Informed the company of this issue and...
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I don't another watch from these people and I would not recommend my friends to buy from. I made a terrible mistake by dealing with these thieves just because they advertise cheaper prices. What they're doing is stealing the money from the consumers. I placed a formal complaint on BBB and the case is still pending. Open your eyes guys out there, don't go by their low prices on watches because at the end they're gonna rob your money. Take my...
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Anonymous Ha LOL you need to do the math better LOL
140 complaints over the year is fabulous if you compare their size, LOLOOL Ebay Amazon and other sites work off the percentages, b...

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  • Worst experience doing business with jomashop