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I bought my husband a 50 inch flat screen from K-Mart in 2014 and it went bad in about a year! We ordered parts to try to fix it because my husband works in television and we researched youtube which has videos of other people who had to make this same repair. We lost money on shipping of replacement parts (there are 5 or so boards and parts that can be the cause of the problem. After a lot of review reading, this is a common problem and it is a...
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bought the seiki 50 inch 4k in sept . after the first month the tv would randomly turn on and off at random times. contact seiki said i would have to pay the shipping to send it back which i was quoted 400$ to ship to them. I bought the tv for 500.i told them the tv was a month old , they told me it didnt matter . Sounds to me like seiki knows there tvs suck and dont wanna pay the shipping for there *** product. now 6 months later the tv powers...
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Anonymous I had a similar experience with their customer service. I paid $70 to ship my TV to them then they emailed me a picture and said the screen was cracked so they wouldn't hono...

I didn't like
  • Terrible customer service
  • Seiki tv in general
  • Seiki company