Jabari Kwx
map-marker Nashville, Tennessee

Rude customer service

Regrettably, I signed a three year contract and were treated disrespectfully each time I called with a problem. As my system was constantly beeping, I called the service tech and his phone "was not accepting calls". The system beeped in my bedroom for three days. Another call resulted in them telling me to unplug my system and then they charged me for monitoring services. I asked how I should notify them in a emergency with my system unplugged and they told me to call 9-1-1. This is a horrible company and service. Do not use Secure Watch out of Knoxville, TN.
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map-marker Aurora, Indiana

Secure Watch Lied and ADT LIED!!!!

I am just amazed at how bad this company treated me. Came to the door talking about free installation, free censors and "it being a limited time offer!" They said i had thirty days to decide wether or not i wanted the service. They came, installed and i never saw them again. During the installation i showed them that i needed more door sensors because I HAD MORE DOORS!!! They promised me that they would be right back to install them, they never came back!!! I called and called them, they gave me different salesmens name, put me through the run around like they were 15 year old girls in middle school or something! I complained to adt about this as well and they admitted that they were having a problem with secure watch. They were "trying to resolve the problem" what a joke!!! Never do any business with either one of these *** companies!!
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map-marker Louisville, Kentucky

SecureWatch Service Horrible

I have a contract with SecureWatch for my ADT security system. I have a disfunctional alarm system and need repair. It has been three days without alarm since I started having an issue. I have called secure watch and left 2 messages yesterday and called 5 times today and only got voicemails. I called ADT, who has always been very helpful, and they attempted to call SecureWatch only to get voicemail. After several attempts ADT was able to speak with someone and put them on the phone with me. I explained my issuse with the alarm. The SecureWatch CSR stated they could be here tomorrow afternoon. That would be my 4th day. After stating it was unacceptable, the gentleman arranged for a tech to be here in 2 hours. Why couldn't that happen 2 days ago?? Horrible service, voicemails, operators that continued to transfer me to desks with no people. Just call me FEED UP.
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Markus Pba
map-marker Atlanta, Georgia

SecureWatch ADT - 12/9/11

I found an add in the newspaper for a customer service position in the Mariette area. I called to inquire about the position. I specifically asked DOES THIS POSITION PAY HOURLY? The guy on the phone told me yeah it's customer service so it's definitely hourly. I said how much. He said it depends, and proceeded to invite me to the interview session. I go in and they present me with a crazy pay scale, but due to my economic position I said i'll try it just to make a few dollars. I was informed that there was paid training and that there was a base pay of 200 if you work 5 days and 300 if you work 6 days. Needless to say, there was a great deal of omission and lies. I would not recommend that anyone work for this company who is seriously seeking longevity employment or in need of money. Some of the team leaders speak to you in a manner that is very inappropriate. As a new consultant, a team leader asked them to place me in his van because he found me attractive (which he told this out of his mouth), told me that if he got me a deal I had to give him a kiss, and made me feel very uncomfortable. On another occasion he made arrangements for me to be in his van and so I sat where he would not be able to make me uncomfortable. I was trying to make the best of the day. He told me to go to a house and I guess I didn't move fast enough and he said oh you don't wanna go don't worry and asked someone else to go and said it in with an attitude. This made me upset and I was ready to leave then, but since I couldn't, I tried to make the best of the day. I smiled, interacted with the others in the van and then he told me that everyone in the van felt that I was being nonchalant because I brushed the situation off and did not say what was wrong, but I instead kept a smile on and tried to be friendly with everyone and even cheered people on. When I did eventually get a deal that day, he had to close it, he made a statement to the customers that I was mean and that if people don't like him or don't want to be on his van that's on them because everyone likes him and everyone has fun with him. He continued to state to customers that he had to inform me earlier that day for me to "get my it together." Needless to say my employment there is no longer and I would encourage others to beware!
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Melissa S Qly
map-marker Knoxville, Tennessee

ADT SecureWatch- I'm There!!!

I have worked for SecureWatch since it opened over 3 years ago. Why? I will tell you. We started as a small company like everyone else and have grown into one of the largest Dealers in the nation. We didn't do it by scamming people but by hard work, a great team and the excellent customer service – day in and day out. The opportunity's are really good with this company if you are willing to work. You just got to have the want to. I started out as a installer in our apprentice program and trained until I was ready to go out on my own. I showed the company that I was 100%dedicated to them and in return they showed me the same thing. I was promoted to a install manager running my own branch and got a pay increase for the additional responsibilities. I ran my branch with a lot of dedication and success. It didn't take long until I was promoted to Regional Manager, again with recognition for the additional responsibilities. Here at SecureWatch, show some dedication and the opportunities for advancements will be there. This is the best company I have ever worked for. Those of you that want to post degrading stuff to try to smear our name should maybe try a little hard work to see where it takes you. Don't expect something for nothing!!!! Just my thoughts…not from the company.
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Robert E Kxu

I'm not sure which Securewatch you are talking about but it is not the one I have a contract with as a customer. I signed a 3 year contract with Securewatch in May of 2011.

It has almost been a year and I have not paid anything for it yet ! They keep telling me they fix it, then they discover that they didn't so they credit me for that month. I am not sure if they train their employees, but most of them don't have a clue what they are doing. It has almost been 10 months and they have yet to fix my security system so it works correctly.

I mean, it's a residential alarm panel, you don't need an engineering degree to service it. In fact, most of the technicians that I talk to in the southern IN area told me that they don't have any training or experience.I can only hope and pray that one day someone with the right skillset and experience can make my system work correctly. The branch manager comes to my house, does the repairs himself and still can't get anything right. I wish we had technicians in the around here that had a clue what they were doing.

The customer service in the call center is horrible. They transfer you to people's voicemail 99% of the time and then you have to wait for someone to call you back and sometimes that takes weeks !!! I work 7 a to 5pm and I don't have that kind of time to compromise my family's security and waste my money. I filed several BBB reports and have lawyers on standby.

Securewatch has never showed concern for me as a customer and has always treated me like ***. I'm glad that you have had a pleasant experience with Securewatch, because I sure have not.

socialknox S
map-marker Knoxville, Tennessee

Secure Watch - ADT Security System

I have dealt with Secure Watch to install my security system here in Knoxville Tennessee. When I called about a new security system to be installed, they were able to have 2 salespeople come out to my house and discuss the Secure Watch ADT security system the next day. The people from Secure Watch seemed knowledagble on my questions and setup the contract with the ADT security system products I wanted for my home in Knoxville. The next day an installer come out and installed my system. The Secure Watch installer was able to setup the system with ADT alarm notifications without me having a home phone. All the products that the Secure Watch salesperson told me were installed as requested and it was working. I have been pleased with the ADT security system that Secure Watch installed in my home 8 months ago and it has been working fine ever since.
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If you are pleased with the system, why would you post on a "pissed consumer" website?

Gary C Xyw
map-marker Thomasville, Georgia

Secure Watch took my credit card statement

/secure Watch did not pay for the takeover at 903 Smith Avenue Thomasville GA 31792 2**-**3-0926. I was a consultant for Secure Watch ADT when the transfer occurred the manager Brian Weaver to the credit card statement and said he would hold it for the checks etc. To date nothing has happened and the credit card company is holding me in arrears and I will therefore hold ADT in arrears if not handled immediately. I had hoped Secure Watch ADT could handle this accordingly. They were supposed to pay $200 and then my account pay $200.00. Payup!
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madandlovingit d
map-marker Atlanta, Georgia

They LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They were door to door sales/ verbally advised us of what the product was and what were getting and did not meet those points/Told us we would be charged one thing and billed another/ billed us for equipment we asked not to have and refuse to remove from our bill even thought it shows on the contract that said equipment was not given to me at the install/ now they want us to pay over $3000.00 to cancel our service when I have had nothing but problems with them since the start and it's just now been 30 days/The sales rep just flat out lied about everything and the company had admitted that many times over the phone with me but is not willing to do anything about it.
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