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Transportation and Logistics
  • RL Carriers

    RL Carriers

    2.0 (72 reviews)
    • Transportation and Logistics

    "No transportation ,Jus Got Ova Covid 19 step down from ft to pt 12-5 wasn't doing anything for so called 2 hours because it was no body to give me a truck I NEED MY JOB"

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  • Qxpress


    1.4 (98 reviews)
    • Transportation and Logistics

    "Can your team check on this tracking number, C532****SGMY. We emailed DHL and they said it stuck due to customs clearance. Please advise on how to proceed with this so the parcel can be send to the recipient ASAP."

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  • POS Laju

    POS Laju

    1.6 (973 reviews)
    • Transportation and Logistics

    "The rider was supposed to sent my parcel directly to the unit, instead he nagged me to collect down because it was troublesome for him to go up and down. What a stupid excuse! I couldn't go down because my 1yo daughter was still..."

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  • Odyssey Logistics and Technology

    Odyssey Logistics and Technology

    1.0 (2 reviews)
    • Transportation and Logistics

    "LOST" 60" Samsung TV and 3 large boxes of only 25 total - the rest of delivery was damaged beyond words. EVERYTHING was somewhat damaged and irreparable. They will hound you and say they have best rates..."

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  • Oak Harbor Freight Lines

    Oak Harbor Freight Lines

    1.5 (3 reviews)
    • Transportation and Logistics

    "Just finished a drive from the oregon coast when one of your OAK HARBOR TRUCKS almost ran me off the road as he was crossing a double line on an uphill mountain road with no regards for any other drivers. He never stayed in the..."

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  • Norco Overnight

    Norco Overnight

    1.0 (1 review)
    • Transportation and Logistics

    "no call backs aaaaaaaaaaaaAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasaaaaazazzazazffghjkpiuu5redgjregirtueygkou5ewshkt4ecjurtor4thde th y bo 975whiy43ggf no 8iur3yiokn look 7teefvxsweyooogrdcnityotrewwii..."

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  • Montway Auto Transport

    Montway Auto Transport

    1.5 (61 reviews)
    • Transportation and Logistics

    "AvaoidWhen Mayhall towing-MDM Inc (Order #999172) picked my Beetle up on 2/11/21 at my condo in Huntsville, it was washed, it was daytime and whatever scratches it had was be clearly visible.
    I got a call from the driver at 10 am t..."

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  • Manna Distribution Services

    Manna Distribution Services

    1.7 (46 reviews)
    • Transportation and Logistics

    "I didn't even get my package of food yesterday"

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  • LaserShip


    1.2 (1,112 reviews)
    • Transportation and Logistics

    "First of all who do delivery late at night a10pm ? This is my first time seeing it and never had these kind of issues with a delivery carriers before , the day it was supposed to be delivered it didnt come through and I had to..."

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  • Freightquote


    1.4 (51 reviews)
    • Transportation and Logistics

    "You will see on it almost all of the reviews. Tried to hit our credit card for an addtional $75.00 . We put a hold on our credit card and Freightquote would still try to hit the card usually after midnight every other night. Had..."

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