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Washington, Bellevue
Jewelry and Accessories
  • Zales


    1.6 (194 reviews)
    • Jewelry and Accessories
    • www.zales.com

    "Placed Order going on 2 weeks ago, on the 5th. First website stated order was to be shipped on 15th. Then get message the shipping is delayed 3 days....now it's AVOIDbeen 5 days past that and still NOT SHIPPED!!! I have called..."

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  • Otticanet


    2.5 (67 reviews)
    • Jewelry and Accessories
    • www.otticanet.com

    "I still havent received my order yet. I ordered my glasses over a month ago and I still didnt get it."

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  • Jared


    1.7 (220 reviews)
    • Jewelry and Accessories
    • www.jared.com

    "I think this is a shady company. On scamdetector.com .
    They have a scam rating and caution to "stay clear of the company"."

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  • Piercing Pagoda

    Piercing Pagoda

    1.8 (147 reviews)
    • Jewelry and Accessories
    • www.pagoda.com

    "I went to the piercing pagoda in Mayfair mall. I bought a nose stud which ended up not fitting for me, and it was very dainty. Furthermore, I went the next day to get a refund and multiple associates told me that they cannot do..."

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  • Origami Owl

    Origami Owl

    2.1 (133 reviews)
    • Jewelry and Accessories
    • www.origamiowl.com

    "These transactions took place June 29, 2021.Need to do better when it comes to debit and Credit card use. Especially when the card belongs to someone else. The bank will be contacting you about these transactions."

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  • Liquidation Channel

    Liquidation Channel

    3.1 (114 reviews)
    • Jewelry and Accessories
    • www.liquidationchannel.com

    "I shop a LC. I am not rich., so most of my purchases are under $20.00 i have received pendants and the chains were tangled. I think they could secure them better, however all the handling and banging around from shipping..."

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  • World Of Watches

    World Of Watches

    2.2 (103 reviews)
    • Jewelry and Accessories
    • www.worldofwatches.com

    "This company is the WORST of the worst. Apparently, there is no such place as, "World of Watches," but instead, all money goes to Marvin Sternberg! I had ordered a pen from them and they sent me the WRONG one. There is no phone..."

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  • PrimeStyle


    5.0 (70 reviews)
    • Jewelry and Accessories
    • www.primestyle.com

    "I dont know how to purchase a insured return label to send this ring back &;;;;;;;;;;; get the right ring sent to me. Ive already paid for the other ring."

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  • MyNameNecklace


    1.7 (418 reviews)
    • Jewelry and Accessories
    • www.mynamenecklace.com

    "Thats the email I sent to them they are not responding to me even on fb insta anywhere the courier service they picked for my order is also the worst one ..very disappointed abc wants my money back
    I dont need any gift or anything..."

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  • Jewelry Room

    Jewelry Room

    3.2 (136 reviews)
    • Jewelry and Accessories
    • www.jewelryroom.com

    "Do not use this site! You will not receive all items purchased and they will falsely Claim that a chargeback was made with no evidence whatsoever."

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