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  • Freedom Mortgage

    Freedom Mortgage

    1.6 (587 reviews)
    • Loans and Mortgages
    • www.freedommortgage.com

    "I mistakenly made 2 mortgage payments for one month. When I contacted Freedom Mortgage the 1st time I was asked to forward a copy of my bank statement showing the 2 payments and that a refund would then occur with 24 to 72 hours...."

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  • NACA


    2.5 (450 reviews)
    • Loans and Mortgages
    • www.naca.com

    "I have been working with NACA for almost 3 years now and previously 11 years back. When I came back, I had a counselor who was only talk. He got my info and membership fees, noted that it was November, then scheduled me for Januar..."

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  • Security Service Federal Credit Union

    Security Service Federal Credit Union

    1.5 (23 reviews)
    • Loans and Mortgages
    • www.ssfcu.org

    "Contacted by SSFCU that there was unusual activity on my account. Told it would take 5 days to get new card. Its now been 7 days and no card. I called on the 7th day. They wouldnt express mail card to me."

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  • OneMain Financial

    OneMain Financial

    1.6 (518 reviews)
    • Loans and Mortgages
    • www.onemainfinancial.com

    "Im trying to see my balance I pay my bill and you cant get online it wont let you They should have an automated system where you can check your balance and pay your bill like all the banks Do I am a night owl I am not a morning..."

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  • Nationstar Mortgage

    Nationstar Mortgage

    1.3 (275 reviews)
    • Loans and Mortgages

    "Nation Star is nothing more than a call center, similar to an online college, one is not dealing with the real deal when calling in to this "mortgage service". One would think that the person they are speaking to about their..."

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  • Greentree Servicing

    Greentree Servicing

    1.2 (70 reviews)
    • Loans and Mortgages
    • www.gtservicing.com

    "I bought a 1996 mobile home in 1999 brand new, its Finance threw Green Tree, o have already paid 85.000, balance is 27.000 thousand still, only worth 12000 now, can they do that"

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  • Texas Car Title And Payday Loan Services

    Texas Car Title And Payday Loan Services

    1.8 (34 reviews)
    • Loans and Mortgages
    • texascartitleandpaydayloanservicesinc.com

    "I had to go to the hospital the employee was taken to jail for assault and I am definitely filing a lawsuit Texas Title Loan as well as hook recovery company who they hired injured me already spoke with my attorney this morning"

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  • Firstmark Credit Union

    Firstmark Credit Union

    2.3 (3 reviews)
    • Loans and Mortgages
    • www.firstmarkcu.org

    "I’ve been using FirstMark Credit Union for many years for all types of loans. I’ve referred several indiduals to them. They were a great institution until recently.....
    As of now, I’ve been trying to get someone to call me back for..."

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  • Everhome Mortgage

    Everhome Mortgage

    1.7 (9 reviews)
    • Loans and Mortgages
    • www.everhomemortgage.com

    "So those who now have realized that the housing down turn was not just a lot of lousy homeowners not paying but the banks forcing their clients to foreclose by raising payments, refusing loan modifications, force placing..."

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  • Vanderbilt Mortgage

    Vanderbilt Mortgage

    1.3 (100 reviews)
    • Loans and Mortgages
    • www.vmf.com

    "A friend wanted to sell their property and since they had their mortgage though Vanderbilt we went through them to take over the payments. Our friend had paperwork showing exactly how much was left on their mortgage. Yet..."

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