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Texas, Houston
  • Exxonmobil


    1.5 (50 reviews)
    • Utility

    "Application for New Account and the 800 number I was given was not the number for new accounts, it was for existing accounts. I had to jump through hoops and push 500 buttons in order to finally get an option to get to another..."

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  • Entergy Texas

    Entergy Texas

    1.6 (8 reviews)
    • Utility

    "Without warning, Entergy Texas changed my billing style. Now they bill like for Apria the last of May or for May, the last of June. In other words, they are billing a month behind. This sure makes it bad for people who receive..."

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  • Chevron


    1.7 (61 reviews)
    • Utility

    "You want more? He comes to the window because inside is closed due to after hours at night it was around 1:30 am I tell him I want some water 2 bottles. I thought he was asking what kind so I replied doesnt matter, little do you..."

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  • Suburban Propane

    Suburban Propane

    1.3 (334 reviews)
    • Utility

    "I've had suburban propane for a couple of years now, thought I had a good company that I could trust. Failed to do my due diligence. Called for a refill, was told that prices were skyrocketing, and propane was now 4.85? a gallon,..."

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  • Startex Power

    Startex Power

    2.7 (1 review)
    • Utility

    "I had service with Startex at my home and at a rental property. I requested the power be turned off at the rental home. I had an online transcript of the call to document the request. Instead, they turned it off at my home. I..."

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  • Oklahoma Natural Gas

    Oklahoma Natural Gas

    1.8 (91 reviews)
    • Utility

    "Last month while speaking to a customer service representative I was asked if my husband &;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; son still reside in the home my response was yes, I was then asked for my husband's Social Security..."

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  • Murphy Usa

    Murphy Usa

    2.6 (55 reviews)
    • Utility

    "I was told that I took too long in the bathroom and the attendant yelled at me in front of many customers and then proceeded to come and lock the bathroom door saying "I will remember you, you can not use the restroom again. Then..."

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  • Ecyclebest


    1.4 (126 reviews)
    • Utility

    "I sent my computer and the price they emailed me was alot lower then the quote online. I asked for it back 5 times for 2 months straight during September and October. I never got it back or heard a response."

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  • Ecowater Systems

    Ecowater Systems

    2.4 (80 reviews)
    • Utility

    "I had my irrigation system installed by Peters sprinkler systems in 2019, 2020 I had a service call for them to come out and adjust the sprinklers. Took him about a half hour. At that time I paid $99.95 for the service call. Now..."

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  • Culligan


    1.8 (48 reviews)
    • Utility

    "For two months in a row, Aqua Falls (owned by Culligan) has rescheduled delivery without informing me ahead of time. The delivery service is bad."

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