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Construction and Repair
  • Selfbuild Ireland

    Selfbuild Ireland

    • Construction and Repair
    • selfbuild.ie

    "I bought model home furniture to be used in a house I had under construction. I stored it at the Self-Store on 484 in Ocala, Florida, a storage facility for approximately 8 months. It was completely ruined by a bug infestation,..."

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  • Scotts Home Improvements

    Scotts Home Improvements

    • Construction and Repair
    • www.scottshomeimprovement.com

    "I hired Scott's Home Improvements in Unionville Mo. to do some home improvement work for me. He did not complete the job as we discussed. He told me he would come back to finish bet never has it has 8 months.
    I am going to ha..."

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  • Renovation Experts

    Renovation Experts

    1.6 (14 reviews)
    • Construction and Repair
    • www.renovationexperts.mobi

    "My company has been using RenEx for about 3 years. We are General Contractors based out of St Louis, MO. Some of the complaints on here are legit about having to go through a bunch of leads that are not quality, but I do have to..."

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  • Reliable Remodelers

    Reliable Remodelers

    2.9 (10 reviews)
    • Construction and Repair
    • www.reliableremodelersinc.com

    "Goofy sold me and I loved it "

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  • Pole Construction

    Pole Construction

    • Construction and Repair

    "Valera is a Russian contractor from Montreal Quebec who scams peoples' money and does a poor job at renovating and reconstructing a home. He is one of those people who underquotes the work and penny pinches his way through the..."

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  • perma pier foundation repair

    perma pier foundation repair

    • Construction and Repair

    "came to fix my foundation for the 2nd time and broke
    all my plumbing "sewer" and wont fix it and just laughs at me a 76 year old on ssi from month to month and i have cancer
    they were to send a plumber before they lifted the hous..."

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  • Peninsula Infra Developments

    Peninsula Infra Developments

    2.7 (9 reviews)
    • Construction and Repair
    • www.peninsulainfra.in

    "This is not nice. They have a bill that is worth 10 lakhs to the electricity provider and we are also facing power problems. This is not great and not at all appreciated"

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  • Otis Elevator

    Otis Elevator

    1.7 (40 reviews)
    • Construction and Repair
    • www.otis.com

    "I was directed to a wrong number. My problem is still not solved. The lift is not working since yesterday morning. The customer care is not working."

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  • Morgan Building and Spas

    Morgan Building and Spas

    1.0 (1 review)
    • Construction and Repair
    • www.morganusa.com

    "model #00l4tsxxtnf newport serial #H521******** a like to see if any parts still available for this unit ? pls thank you !"

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  • KLS Contractors

    KLS Contractors

    • Construction and Repair

    "So we hired Kenny Seabolt, KLS Contractors (dfwcolors.com), to help us with a remodel. We had short time frame to complete work which caused us to rush into hiring him. But he didn't ask for any money up front, and seemed nice..."

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