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Texas, Cleburne
  • Tv Land

    Tv Land

    1.9 (633 reviews)
    • Media

    "Everyone loves Raymond is always in Spanish. Please fix. My residents can't watch the show they love because it's in Spanish"

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  • Disqus


    1.5 (106 reviews)
    • Media

    "My Disqus profile has been "hacked". I haven't been locked out of my account, but my password and email has been changed due to the hacking incident of G+ sync way back. So I can't delete my profile, change the email or change..."

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  • Amazon Prime Video

    Amazon Prime Video

    2.2 (367 reviews)
    • Media

    "Unable to get prime on my tv
    First woman I spoke to guaranteed she was the right person to solve my problem. NOT!!
    Second gentleman, David, prime media dept. NOT!! Although very nice I had difficulty understanding him, so we decided..."

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