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Texas, Austin
  • Craigslist


    1.9 (853 reviews)
    • Advertising
    • www.craigslist.org

    "My photos of a car I have posted, or lack of posted or not appearing I paid for the service, and Im getting nowhere!!"

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  • Internet Local Listings

    Internet Local Listings

    1.3 (20 reviews)
    • Advertising
    • internetlocallistings.com

    "I signed on with Internet Local Listing in February of 2016 and here I am 6 month later and still do not have the services that they promised I would have within 45 days. They keep deducting funds from my credit card but do not..."

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  • Advertisements
  • Plexor Marketing

    Plexor Marketing

    1.0 (9 reviews)
    • Advertising

    "Saleh- Norah and Abdul - Aliases Middle Eastern cybercrime cell utilizing American banks ( Chase bank and Well Fargo, I am certain many more) to drain hardworking bank accounts utilizing fake companies, fake addresses, fake tax..."

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  • NEP Products

    NEP Products

    • Advertising
    • www.neprecision.net

    "Well, they--NEP Products--has done it again. They have debited my account for a product that i have not recieved. This is two months running now. First thing Monday morning, i'm just going to close the account at my bank.

    I wi..."

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  • Mindkontrol Industries

    Mindkontrol Industries

    • Advertising
    • www.manta.com

    "I recently found out that this company has been charging an unauthorized amount of $9.99 to my sprint cell phone bill for the past 5 months. I called my cell phone provider and they blocked Mindkontrol Industries from charging my..."

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  • Kirsten Hart

    Kirsten Hart

    • Advertising

    "I too have received the second letter inviting me to be a member of this secret society. I have worked for 30 years as a full time nurse have had many experiences of mental and physical mediumship and have overcome many emotional..."

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  • eRelevance


    1.2 (2 reviews)
    • Advertising
    • www.erelevancecorp.com

    "I have tried to work out a agreement with eRelevance for a marketing contract. When I spoke with them I told them that I couldn't read the contract from my phone. I told them I would need time to read it once I could get on my..."

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  • e mobile code

    e mobile code

    • Advertising

    "Stay away from e mobile code. They are a bunch of liars. They make you watch hours of videos and tell you how easy it is to clone there business with a few clicks, and how they are giving it to you for free out of the kindness of..."

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  • Backpage


    2.4 (271 reviews)
    • Advertising
    • www.backpage.com

    "I miss my old friends and I miss peoples honesty. I want to work on the work that we did, in every interpretation of the matters. My anger management works."

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