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Tennessee, Memphis
  • Little Caesars

    Little Caesars

    2.2 (2,660 reviews)
    • Fast Food
    • www.littlecaesars.com

    "I went in to use my little Caesars gift card that I got for Christmas and when I went to go pay for the pizza it said that there will was a card reader error but Ive never used it so I called my card to see my balance and my full..."

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  • Groupon


    1.6 (4,193 reviews)
    • Gift Cards, Rewards and Cashbacks
    • www.groupon.com

    "I am waiting for a large refund to my original form on if payment . I had been told last week it would be in my account already . It was a large perchace and I didnt want it in Grupon bucks when I found out I was not a candidate f..."

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  • DHgate


    2.5 (3,448 reviews)
    • Auctions and Marketplaces
    • www.dhgate.com

    "Hola amigos llevo esperando 2 pedidos desde octubre 16 del 2021 y el otro podido desde el 21 de octubre del 2021 y no los e recibido amigos por favor ayúdenme Gracias"

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  • CarMax


    1.9 (423 reviews)
    • Dealers
    • www.carmax.com

    "Hello, I purchased my car more than a month ago. When it was delivered, they told me that they were going to mail my plates, and it will take two weeks to arrive. After many attempts to reach them out they finally they called me..."

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  • American Freight Furniture

    American Freight Furniture

    1.8 (499 reviews)
    • Furniture and Decor
    • www.americanfreight.com

    "My chair is damaged after five months. I have been calling customer service back to back and haven't been able to talk to any of them. I'm actually sending my complaint because I do need a refund for my chair. Furthermore, I also..."

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  • Walgreens


    2.1 (1,105 reviews)
    • Pharmacy
    • www.walgreens.com

    "You did a great job of contacting Walgreens customer service. Thank you. The person there listened, yet I wonder if they really care about improving the customer experience at that pharmacy."

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  • Waffle House

    Waffle House

    2.4 (1,365 reviews)
    • Cafes, Restaurants and Bars
    • www.wafflehouse.com

    "Left t bone steak out and waffle husband call back they got smart and argue with husband saying they gave us a waffle and t bone steak they also gave us somebody else order in our bag never had anyone tell us we where wrong they..."

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  • Roku


    1.8 (1,906 reviews)
    • Telecommunications
    • www.roku.com

    "I did not order a channel and would like my $54.00 returned to my account as soon as possible thank you"

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  • Pilot Flying J

    Pilot Flying J

    2.1 (726 reviews)
    • Travel
    • www.pilotflyingj.com

    "No one has gotten back to me on this issue Ive tried to get ahold of my old manager hes never gotten back to me on this issue."

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  • NACA


    2.6 (456 reviews)
    • Loans and Mortgages
    • www.naca.com

    "Being apart of this program you definitely have to have patience. I was a little frustrated in the beginning because I just wanted to be out of renting and own my own place. Mr. Obechi is one of the BEST counselors in Buffalo. He..."

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