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Tennessee, Knoxville
  • Stanton Optical

    Stanton Optical

    1.5 (340 reviews)
    • Medical Supplies and Equipment
    • www.stantonoptical.com

    "i had gone to Stanton for new glasses they gave me a video chat in the office for my new glasses the prescription was wrong I went back a second & third time still prescription is wrong. I went to UNM eye clinic they gave me..."

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  • RockAuto


    2.5 (2,797 reviews)
    • Auto Parts and Accessories
    • www.rockauto.com

    "Very poor customer service. There is no phone number that somebody answers. Trying just to return a defective part. The defective part is a fan in my car that first started making noise then started putting large plumes of a..."

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  • Planet Beach

    Planet Beach

    1.3 (17 reviews)
    • Beauty Salons and Spas
    • planetbeach.com

    "They have billed me twice for a full year once in 2014 and once on 2017. I have not been there since 2013 moved out of state and canceled my membership."

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  • Marcos Pizza

    Marcos Pizza

    2.2 (1,061 reviews)
    • Fast Food
    • marcos.com

    "I placed order by my cell phone on the way to Bonita Springs, FL location and told person to use my home number not the cell phone number. What does he do, he entered the cell phone number, so no credit in Marco reward program. Ca..."

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  • Gc Services

    Gc Services

    1.5 (53 reviews)
    • Collection Agencies
    • www.gcserv.com

    "I recieved 2 letters that said that they took my state taxes in the amount of $900.00.
    The cases were closed and paid for in 2003
    2014, 2015.
    They wouldn't have closed them if there was still money owed."

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  • First American Home Warranty

    First American Home Warranty

    1.3 (485 reviews)
    • Household Services
    • homewarranty.firstam.com

    "Hose bibb that controls main water into house broke on Thanksgiving so we had no water. Started claim and was assigned, due to holiday and weekend didn't hear from anyone till Monday and then were told they were 3 hours from my..."

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  • Fanatics


    2.4 (3,038 reviews)
    • Sport Equipment and Accessories
    • www.fanatics.com

    "Placed an order on 11/16/2021 with a delivery date of 11/23/2021. As of today, 12/2/2021, I have not received it. I placed 2 more orders after that, and I received both of them.
    I chatted with 3 representative, was on hold for 35 m..."

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  • Ebay


    1.7 (4,957 reviews)
    • Auctions and Marketplaces
    • www.ebay.com

    "I have an item that has been held up (not customs) & it needs my go ahead or something. I can not access any info so i have on idea what item it is, so i cant get through any ebay help services cos i cant point out what item it..."

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  • Cash App

    Cash App

    1.9 (1,466 reviews)
    • Cash Services
    • cash.app

    "I sent money to a cashapp that can no longer be accessed. No longer have the phone, debit card as they were all stolen. What do I do"

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  • Camping World

    Camping World

    1.8 (2,162 reviews)
    • RVs, Motorhomes and Trailers
    • www.campingworld.com

    "We complained to the attorney general of Missouri and got their attention. We were reimbursed for repairs and are still waiting for a refund for service contract as we traded our camper in for another brand from another dealer. We..."

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