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Tennessee, Knoxville
  • Knoxville Wholesale Furniture

    Knoxville Wholesale Furniture

    2.0 (62 reviews)
    • Furniture and Decor
    • www.knoxvillewholesalefurniture.com

    "Needed to return lift chair bc it's too large and hard. Needed for after abdominal surgery. Was not informed, nor shown prior to agreeing to buy, the contract. It was folded and put in an envelope immediately. The salesman rushed..."

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  • Amora Coffee

    Amora Coffee

    1.8 (405 reviews)
    • Beverages
    • www.amoracoffee.com

    "I have not herd anything about the matter I've gotten emails of ads from them though it is really aggravateing"

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  • Facebook


    1.9 (10,643 reviews)
    • Dating and Social Networking
    • www.facebook.com

    "I did know my cousin account was hacked she asked me for some code that was going to be sent to my email so I was busy didn't read it just gave the code and someone changed my password email and phone number!!!! So I can't use my..."

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  • Comcast


    1.7 (2,171 reviews)
    • Telecommunications
    • corporate.comcast.com

    "This guy didnt understand what I was saying he said that I had to pay money to do free self-serve movement installment like $99 and whatever cents I wasnt too happy about it because I never had to pay to move service from one..."

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  • Walmart


    2.2 (4,871 reviews)
    • Supermarkets and Malls
    • www.walmart.com

    "Nothing happened just trying to get donations for my church we have a 501 c3. The name of my church is unstoppable ministries Pastor Ezekiel Batiste Sr"

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  • Ole Ben Franklin Motors

    Ole Ben Franklin Motors

    2.1 (40 reviews)
    • Dealers
    • www.olebenfranklinmotors.com

    "I was sold a car for $3000..a 2000 Subaru by jack scarbrough and 2 days later the check engine light comes on less than 3 months later the motor is completely screwed. I don't understand why you let shady drug addicts work for..."

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    1.8 (11,925 reviews)
    • Food Delivery
    • www.doordash.com

    "Waiting over an hour for a delivery on the app it showed me that two people came to pick up the order and I still didnt get it then when I did get it it was not complete I cant seem to get a hold of anybody to get a refund"

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  • Food City

    Food City

    2.3 (151 reviews)
    • Food Stores
    • www.foodcity.com

    "I returned meat that said use or freeze by October 20th. I opened it on 0ctober 20th to find it was already ruined. I returned it to the store today only to be told that they couldnt give me a refund because it had been almost a..."

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  • FedEx


    1.4 (2,899 reviews)
    • Transportation and Logistics
    • www.fedex.com

    "they report that your shipments have been delivered to your front door. they may show up several days later. Slow, unreliable, and they are untruthful."

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  • Dominos Pizza

    Dominos Pizza

    2.0 (2,617 reviews)
    • Fast Food
    • www.dominos.com

    "Its over 10 days and I havent received my refund back.. I ordered on Saturday oct 16th.. no one has even followed up on the matter.."

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