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Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh
  • Ebay


    1.7 (4,991 reviews)
    • Auctions and Marketplaces
    • www.ebay.com

    "Just wants a help from you to help me redeem it just telling me there is no balance left on the card"

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  • Dominos Pizza

    Dominos Pizza

    2.0 (2,682 reviews)
    • Fast Food
    • www.dominos.com

    "They overpriced my food and they gave me wrong order and when I ask her about the price she said that was the price on the computer but when a customer came in and she ordered a large pizza like me it was half the price of mine..."

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  • Dish Network

    Dish Network

    1.7 (1,126 reviews)
    • Telecommunications
    • www.dishnetwork.com

    "I have only had my Dish Network system for two months, and it has never worked properly, because they installed my Dish pointing directly at a Tree!!!
    My box crashes every day, and I have to unplug and reboot the Dish Joey box EVER..."

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  • USPS


    1.6 (1,526 reviews)
    • Post
    • www.usps.com

    "since August 4 I went to the post office usps located at 1137 Hamilton Ave, Trenton, NJ 08629 around noon u almost 1 hour to send a package it's a gift for a birthday since August 6 I see an update and after I never received any..."

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  • Terminix


    1.3 (577 reviews)
    • Pest Control and Services
    • www.terminix.com

    "They came to my house did very bad job i see roach everywhere when you call them they never call you back"

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  • Robinhood


    1.7 (4,780 reviews)
    • Financial Services
    • www.robinhood.com

    "Been buying and selling bitcoin for a year. Now out of the blue they restrict me. Can't withdraw my money. There were no bad deposits. no, in the negatives. they wont answer emails and customer support says they will forward..."

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  • Rent A Center

    Rent A Center

    1.7 (563 reviews)
    • Rentals
    • www.rentacenter.com

    "So basically I am a new Rent-a-Center customer and I was promised a promotion on my first rental and I chose the PS5 which was installed at the time and the payment was $58 for my first payment on the rental it was supposed to be..."

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  • Planet Fitness

    Planet Fitness

    2.3 (2,465 reviews)
    • Fitness Centers
    • www.planetfitness.com

    "I went my local planet fitness to cancel my membership because my previous visit I was told I had to be vaccinated to attend. Today I went with my wife to cancel my membership.The Representative said they did not find the..."

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  • Petland


    1.4 (91 reviews)
    • Pet Stores
    • www.petland.com

    "I purchased my Shiba inu in the waterford lakes location, believing he was registered with ACA, and now ACA is telling me he is not registered?
    How can i access the internet access code given to me upon purchase?"

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  • Enterprise Rent A Car

    Enterprise Rent A Car

    1.8 (958 reviews)
    • Rentals
    • www.enterprise.com

    "In Oct 2021 we arranged an online car rental from Denver CO. When we picked up the car, we were informed that we would have to pay $350 fee for one-way trip, since we were driving the car to Moab where our vehicle was. There was..."

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