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Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
Jewelry and Accessories
  • Mark And Graham

    Mark And Graham

    1.7 (65 reviews)
    • Jewelry and Accessories
    • www.markandgraham.com

    "Simply The worst. Each time Ive paid to have gifts wrapped they dont do it. The quality of merchandise is poor and the service is terrible. They dont make things right when they make errors and their error rate is higher than it..."

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  • Love And Pride

    Love And Pride

    1.7 (8 reviews)
    • Jewelry and Accessories
    • loveandpride.com

    "This the 3rd time try to redeem points no response But this time it is for l &;;;;;;;amp; p shes butter wash which 1750 should be given to me and loss of $9 in the process
    It would be greatly appreciated that my last request da..."

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  • Invicta


    2.0 (54 reviews)
    • Jewelry and Accessories
    • www.invictawatch.com

    "Disappointed with this watch band. Dressing for the day I picked up my watch model 19662 and the band literally fell apart. Unfortunately nothing is available at my local jewelers. And your service website shows $60 for the band a..."

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  • IceClique Jewelry

    IceClique Jewelry

    1.6 (10 reviews)
    • Jewelry and Accessories
    • iceclique.com

    "I would like my order by July 14th if I could. So I'm willing to pay the extra money for it to come priority mail if it's not to late"

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  • Harlem Bling

    Harlem Bling

    1.6 (8 reviews)
    • Jewelry and Accessories
    • harlembling.com

    "My name is Calvin Wolford. I ordered a man's Bracelet Order No. 06-07131-*****. I don't to have e-bay to resolve this. Can't we resolve this without e-bay. Please answer back."

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  • Florence Scovel

    Florence Scovel

    1.6 (220 reviews)
    • Jewelry and Accessories
    • www.florencescoveljewelry.com

    "I kept emailing the company only for them to tell me that it was always in transit. I tried calling them but the number was no good."

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  • eWatches


    1.0 (1 review)
    • Jewelry and Accessories
    • www.ewatches.com

    "After accessing the e-watches website many times in the last few months, nothing has changed. Regardless of the catagories selected or the headings or links clicked on, no watches are ever displayed. I called the customer service..."

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  • Dreamland Jewelry

    Dreamland Jewelry

    3.6 (12 reviews)
    • Jewelry and Accessories
    • www.dreamlandjewelry.com

    "The Company is Scam Artists.. I ordered 2 Items as a Birthday Present and suppose to get a free pair or earings and I find out the Scam Company charged Me for the same earings that were suppose to be free. I had to get My Bank..."

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  • DragonWeave Jewelry

    DragonWeave Jewelry

    1.0 (1 review)
    • Jewelry and Accessories
    • www.dragonweave.com

    "I had the unfortunate experience of working briefly for this company. It's a small business run out of some lady's basement. The woman run's it along with an assistant. Her husband is an irritating distraction. He was rude. He..."

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  • Certified Watch Store

    Certified Watch Store

    1.8 (13 reviews)
    • Jewelry and Accessories
    • www.certifiedwatchstore.com

    "Horrible store. Will never buy anything from that website and from those New York Mafias. Save yourself too much MAJOR headache and life term of troubles. They're NOT legit. Scary and disgusting website. They'd be reported to..."

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