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Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
Household Services
  • Carlton Pools

    Carlton Pools

    3.1 (37 reviews)
    • Household Services
    • www.carltonpools.com

    "I paid $23k for a pool renovation in 2019. The new finish began peeling immediately. They (Pablo) admitted to me that it was their poor workmanship that caused the new finish to fail. I have been calling, begging them to fix it..."

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  • American Home Shield

    American Home Shield

    1.4 (2160 reviews)
    • Household Services
    • www.ahswarranty.com

    "Requested service 4/26/21 it is 6/21/21 and 5 times technicians have come and not fixed my range or didn't show up. What is the resolution ???? Only speaking to foreign customer service reps who do not understand what Im saying..."

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  • Sears Home Services

    Sears Home Services

    1.3 (1084 reviews)
    • Household Services
    • www.searshomeservices.com

    "I am still not happy with our dryer. The tech says
    it isn't getting enough air flow. However, our old
    dryer heated so much better. So I don't know why
    the new one doesn't.
    Sears is replacing the washer machine but not the
    dryer. And it..."

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  • Ae Factory Service

    Ae Factory Service

    1.3 (178 reviews)
    • Household Services
    • www.aefactoryservice.com

    "I have a Kenmore Elite that is an LG.
    It's a 2017 french door 30cu ft. (Biggest market had at time Original tag $3600 I bought on sale)
    fridge broke July 26, 2020 and it's not repairable. 4/4/21 and it's still sitting in my kitchen..."

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  • Appliance Doctor Of Pennsylvania

    Appliance Doctor Of Pennsylvania

    1.3 (7 reviews)
    • Household Services
    • sickappliance.com

    "After three tries and four months they were unable to fix my washer. I asked for a refund and they agreed but never sent it and are ignoring my calls and emails.
    I have used them before but no longer. Would not recommend."

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  • Meenan


    1.4 (24 reviews)
    • Household Services
    • www.meenan.com

    "I help out a gentleman who is autistic and does not understand heaters etc He pays over $300 a year for there gold service package. Long story short everytime they come out theres always something not covered and just so happens..."

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  • Bath Fitter

    Bath Fitter

    4.0 (137 reviews)
    • Household Services
    • www.bathfitter.com

    "The shower floor has cracks near the drain Issuehas occurred twice and repairs were made. The same problem happened again, they refuse to repair, even though product has lifetime warranty. I can pay to have it repaired."

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  • Curtis Total Service

    Curtis Total Service

    2.3 (13 reviews)
    • Household Services
    • www.curtistotalservice.com

    "New hot water heater installed. I foolishly paid them to much as it was an emergency.
    $1500 for a builders grade hot water heater.
    Im so pissed at myself for not doing my homework. Originally they wanted $1744
    To do the job Got them..."

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  • Warranty Direct

    Warranty Direct

    1.6 (34 reviews)
    • Household Services
    • www.warrantydirect.com

    "I have an aftermarket warranty on my 2006 Buick Lucerne and made a claim because my alternator gave out. This would have been an easy enough fix for me however since I had the warranty with a $100 deductible and free towing, I..."

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  • Stanley Warranty

    Stanley Warranty

    1.1 (36 reviews)
    • Household Services
    • www.stanleywarranty.com

    "Stanley Warranty does not pay claims or answer their phone lines. I was wondering how to cancel and get a refund on my policy SP17354 for Christine Easling? I had one claim for an oil change which took 4 months to pay. I am won..."

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