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Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
Household Essentials
  • Zerowater


    2.3 (398 reviews)
    • Household Essentials
    • www.zerowater.com

    "The filter does not last me more than 2 weeks. This product is too expensive to use with the purchase of new filters so often. I am very dissapointed with this product!"

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  • Gain Detergent

    Gain Detergent

    2.8 (108 reviews)
    • Household Essentials
    • ilovegain.com

    "My husband bought gain powered detergent. I washed my clothes in gain. When I wore those clothes? I broke out on hives all over my body in all my clothes that I had washed in gain detergent. I want to know what the ingredients..."

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  • Tide


    2.1 (275 reviews)
    • Household Essentials
    • www.tide.com

    "I bought the largest tub of tide paid 29.00 for and it stunk like fish. Can I please get a refund for the product. I had too throw it all away with some of my clothes and it had like a liquid of some kind of black *** on the top..."

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  • Members Mark

    Members Mark

    2.8 (123 reviews)
    • Household Essentials

    "I purchased a oven roasted turkey breast lunch meat one week ago and I went to go make a sandwich today and pulled back a piece of meat to find a dime in the bottom of the package all rusted up and now I'm very concerned for my..."

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  • Glad


    1.9 (73 reviews)
    • Household Essentials
    • www.glad.com

    "This is the second box I bought and it will not unroll. I like the product it is just getting it out of the box that is the pain. I will not buy anymore"

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  • Charmin


    1.9 (211 reviews)
    • Household Essentials
    • www.charmin.com

    "Your ads are annoying. I would never buy your product because or your ads. Stop them if you want sales.I will never buy Charmin even though I like it. When your ad comes on I change my channel. Shoot those offensive *** wiggling..."

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  • Procter And Gamble

    Procter And Gamble

    2.0 (75 reviews)
    • Household Essentials
    • www.pg.com

    "I asked for A product I can no longer find. I was given A link that asked for my credit card info. How does that help me?? I am not given cc info just to find and answer ."

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  • Kimberly Clark

    Kimberly Clark

    2.1 (22 reviews)
    • Household Essentials
    • www.kimberly-clark.com

    "Julie was very helpful. Because of Covid I was not able to use the manufacturers coupons before the expiration date. The coupons were originally sent because of a six inch long piece of wood going through multiple rolls of toilet..."

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  • IllumiBowl


    2.0 (52 reviews)
    • Household Essentials
    • illumibowl.com

    "I ordered the new Illini bowl with uv light on 6/5/21 & it hasnt shipped yet. Please let me know when it will ship & when it will be here!
    Julia Hinkle
    (254) 410-****"

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  • Duracell


    1.9 (96 reviews)
    • Household Essentials
    • www.duracell.com

    "Dear Sirs,
    We are Durgam Gida well reputed impoter & trader in food & beverage industry and Located in Turkey & Syria.
    We have 7 branches in Turkey & 5 branches in the Northern Syrian part.
    We own the franchise of man..."

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