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Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
Food Manufacturers
  • Sturm Foods

    Sturm Foods

    1.9 (2 reviews)
    • Food Manufacturers
    • sturmfoods.com

    "I have been purchasing these k-cups for about a year, and apparently now there has been a recipe change. The caramel cappuccino now has a bitter taste with a filmy, pasty residue left over. I contacted the company and was..."

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  • SnackWells


    1.2 (53 reviews)
    • Food Manufacturers
    • www.snackwells.com

    "The old Snackwell's devils food cookie was my favorite cookie and I didn't even care that it was fat free. It tasted amazing. This new version is not the same and I'm sorry I spent the money. The rest of the box is going in the..."

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  • Smithfield Foods

    Smithfield Foods

    1.6 (24 reviews)
    • Food Manufacturers
    • www.smithfieldfoods.com

    "1 lb of bacon with mostly fat. Very disappointed. Purchased at Walmart in Auburndale, Florida.
    Want to contact the company but unable to locate customer service to help directly"

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  • Ruffles


    2.1 (42 reviews)
    • Food Manufacturers
    • ruffles.com

    "Talked to customer service
    Told her Ive been buying ruffle chips for decades and the last several bags the chips have been burnt. Different recipe?
    She said thanks and shed pass on my message.
    Didnt ask where I live or bought the chi..."

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  • Ore Ida

    Ore Ida

    2.1 (168 reviews)
    • Food Manufacturers
    • www.oreida.com

    "I bought an 8 lb bag of Ore Ida fries crinkled. When I opened the bag it was filled with seconds. Small bits and pieces. I paid 8.99 for the product at Sams. You are apologetic and sent me a coupon for $4. However, Sams not Costco..."

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  • O Organics

    O Organics

    2.0 (29 reviews)
    • Food Manufacturers
    • www.safeway.com

    "I purchased a can of organics tomatoes sauce I ate some and than noticed that it was rust in the can"

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  • Natures Promise

    Natures Promise

    2.0 (49 reviews)
    • Food Manufacturers

    "In the USA we have an abundance of APPLES, so why import any, in any form, from anywhere else? We also grow Honey Crisp apples right here in the USA, so there would be no need to make the juice from any other, and then put Honey..."

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  • Mrs Freshleys

    Mrs Freshleys

    1.8 (60 reviews)
    • Food Manufacturers
    • www.mrsfreshleys.com

    "Just bought donuts they were old hard , tasted nasty booooopppopoooppooppoooooooopoppoopppoppppoooooopo"

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  • Mondelez International

    Mondelez International

    1.5 (51 reviews)
    • Food Manufacturers
    • www.mondelezinternational.com

    "Nilla wafers are under baked, misshapen and fall apart. Ritz crackers crumble and you cant spread cheese, etc. on them. Very poor quality. I will be looking for other brands to replace Nabisco/Mondelez products. Bad move Nabisco!"

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  • Little Debbie

    Little Debbie

    2.4 (137 reviews)
    • Food Manufacturers
    • www.littledebbie.com

    "Have a great idea to one or more of your products. Great company you have but needs a serious upgrade. I can help. You can contact me at 843 209- ****. 102 Salem court, Summerville S.C. 29486"

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