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Oregon, Sandy
  • Uber


    1.8 (3224 reviews)
    • Transport
    • www.uber.com

    "No food no courtesy call. I have been bumped around and now Im going through hoops with this. Ordeal. Im beyond pissed. Can one person handle this????"

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  • The College Network

    The College Network

    1.1 (45 reviews)
    • Universities, Colleges and Schools
    • www.collegenetwork.com

    "I enrolled in the LPN-RN program several years ago. I paid on a monthly basis until the tuition was paid-in-full. Life interfered, as did my health, and I struggled to begin the program. I figured since the school prided itself..."

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  • The Arms Room

    The Arms Room

    • E-commerce
    • www.thearmsroom.com

    "Ordered a Gas Block Front Sight for a Ruger rifle from sellers website based on sample photo and item description. When the item arrived and installed, it did not fit, like its displayed in item sample photo (there are no gaps whe..."

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  • Syfy


    1.6 (141 reviews)
    • Telecommunications
    • www.syfy.com

    "If you want the same boring programs over and over and over again, every week and every weekend then this channel is for you!!! They just has Harry Potter weekend but they been playing it continuously for the last year Ober and..."

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  • Suburban Propane

    Suburban Propane

    1.3 (328 reviews)
    • Utility
    • www.suburbanpropane.com

    "Called Suburban Propane office in Meadville, PA in late April to ask them to cancel auto deliveries as was moving. There is about 125 gallons of Propane left in my tanks. I was told I could leave it for new owners or I could have..."

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  • Stroman Realty

    Stroman Realty

    1.0 (1 review)
    • Real Estate
    • www.stroman.com

    "Back in August 2003, I listed my timeshare (Oak Plantation in FL) with RII Stroman. and paid $499 as a one time up front charge. I tried calling and writing to them several months later about any progress and every other month..."

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  • Speedy Pc Pro

    Speedy Pc Pro

    1.0 (1 review)
    • Software
    • www.speedypc.com

    "I don't like the idea of having to reboot every single time I used it. It is difficult to use and think it's more of an intrusion than helper. Removed it soon after installing it and wasted my money, since I have other programs..."

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  • Roku


    1.8 (1072 reviews)
    • Telecommunications
    • www.roku.com

    "They refuse to help at this number. They insist that i go to their website. I have already tried all of their suggestions and nothing. One America news network is not streaming. Ive canceled subscription and removed app and re..."

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  • Ridgid


    2.1 (16 reviews)
    • Equipment
    • www.ridgid.com

    "I was at the direct tool out on 4 14 in commerce ga. My wife and I walker in the store and noticed a sign that had sale ideas on it. I asked the sales person where the ldems were and he showed us. I was interested in a impact gun..."

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  • Republic Wireless

    Republic Wireless

    2.0 (33 reviews)
    • Telecommunications
    • republicwireless.com

    "It has taken me several hours to set up my phone. I am on hold waiting to get my question answered. The process is long because only one part of a question gets answered and then you have to wait about 20 minutes for the next..."

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