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Ontario, Toronto
  • MiniinTheBox


    1.6 (310 reviews)
    • E-commerce
    • www.miniinthebox.com

    "My card was used to make a purchase of $49.18 on 23 July 2021 which i did not authorise.
    Last 4 digits of the card are 9306
    Expiry date is 01/23
    It is a mastercard
    Name on the card is Jessica Theobold.
    Can a refund please be organised..."

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  • Jacquie Lawson

    Jacquie Lawson

    2.8 (231 reviews)
    • E-commerce
    • www.jacquielawson.com

    "We were very unhappy that a birthday wish you said was delivered in time arrived a day late. We wont use your service ever again."

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  • Ziinga


    • E-commerce

    "Twice in the last month I have recieved spam texts telling me I'd won an Apple I-pad, go to listed website enter code & claim your prize. When you do , you are re-directed to Ziinga's sign-up page. I have complained to Ziinga..."

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  • Trendy Deal Store

    Trendy Deal Store

    1.2 (406 reviews)
    • E-commerce
    • thetrendydealstore.com

    "I have been reaching out to get a return label. The item that I finally received is the wrong item. I'm not able to use.
    I have called the # on the website as well as emailed. The response I got from Samantha/Abigail Customer Servi..."

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  • Tooutdoor


    1.3 (121 reviews)
    • E-commerce
    • tooutdoor1.com

    "- Order # 38525 was placed on 19th January 2020 &;;;;;;; payment was made USD - Cost 19.99 plus Shipping 9.99 = Total USD 29.98
    - Delivery was not made perhaps due to COVID situation
    - Requested for a full refund by email on May..."

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  • Thane Canada

    Thane Canada

    1.6 (12 reviews)
    • E-commerce
    • www.thane.ca

    "Want to know how to get a holding strap to help hold up the machine while doing windows etc.Im sorry but Im not pissed,I cant find out how to purchase this stap,"

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  • Supreme Q Myshopify Com

    Supreme Q Myshopify Com

    1.0 (83 reviews)
    • E-commerce
    • supreme-q.myshopify.com

    "Ordered laser engraver. Never received it."

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  • Rebateshq


    1.6 (9 reviews)
    • E-commerce
    • www.rebateshq.com

    "Still have not recieved them yet. Trying to get in contact with someone"

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  • Official Raptors Shop

    Official Raptors Shop

    1.1 (7 reviews)
    • E-commerce
    • www.officialraptorsshop.com

    "DI placed a very large order last year and never received my order. I reached out to "customer service" many many times but received no answer. Now the site is apparently non existent. I want a full refund."

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  • Kymaro


    1.0 (1 review)
    • E-commerce
    • www.kymaro.com

    "I would like to find the jeans again, but cant"

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