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Ontario, Toronto
  • Backpage


    2.4 (271 reviews)
    • Advertising
    • www.backpage.com

    "I miss my old friends and I miss peoples honesty. I want to work on the work that we did, in every interpretation of the matters. My anger management works."

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  • ERAI


    • Advertising
    • www.erai.com

    "Biggest counterfeit scam exposed in America


    with complete investigation , evidence and documentation.

    It will give you details on how counterfeit trade and piracy are working along with various big com..."

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  • Advertisements


    • Advertising
    • www.zellers.com

    "I have tried to shop here but constantly feel there is an unhappy atmosphere.I have gone in and countless of times heard the cashier talking in punjabi with their friend across the tills. I honestly don't want to be rude, but..."

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    • Advertising
    • www.siriusxm.ca

    "What a rip off XM Canada is! Was suppose to be a "free" trial with the new car but somehow $54.11 was being charged to my credit card every three months. Every time you try to cancel, they go ahead and charge u anyways.

    I still ca..."

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  • World Trade Group

    World Trade Group

    • Advertising
    • www.lightinguniverse.com

    "A very patronizing JEFF BYRNES called asking for the owner of our company saying he was working on an MES project for inventory management (our specialty) and referred to soandso by someone. I suggested he probably would be..."

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  • Hasmark Services

    Hasmark Services

    • Advertising
    • hasmarkservices.com

    "I paid four thousand dollars for a campaign. It was the emerald cmapign and they wanted to get my family involved. I told them no and to leave them out of it. I then was told to have my books listed on amazon. This was going..."

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  • Esther Ballas

    Esther Ballas

    5.0 (1 review)
    • Advertising

    "if she was that bad , how did you drag it to 20000$ I guess
    it did the job . she is the most amazing loving hearted woman I've ever met . people will always remember
    her for good , the problem with people is that the smallest..."

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  • Craigslist


    1.9 (848 reviews)
    • Advertising
    • www.craigslist.org

    "Is my post being flagged?? I have had my post up for almost 3 months without any responses733463****"

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  • CE Corporate Services

    CE Corporate Services

    • Advertising
    • www.cecorporateservices.com

    "Im not sure where they got my debit card but they withdrew
    $695 from it. The scam is wanting to build web sites to get
    traffic for Amazon. I called their number with no responce.
    will go after them again tomorrow. It sounded too..."

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