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Ontario, Ottawa
Gadgets and Accessories
  • Gearbest


    3.3 (2659 reviews)
    • Gadgets and Accessories
    • www.gearbest.com

    "I spoke with Juan and state l need to speak with the ticket team regarding my Tic Wris Max watch. I stated the watch was defected because the base of the band that attaches to the watch is came off when l was training my client...."

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  • Kobo


    2.1 (54 reviews)
    • Gadgets and Accessories
    • www.kobo.com

    "Downloaded this book on 6/11/2021KOBO (US) INC 180-036-**** DE$13.09 Cannot find it anywhere on my PC or Kobo app. Help or please refund. Has been charged to my credit card. Now in dispute.
    Kobo Customer Service is joke. Toll free..."

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  • Fitbit


    2.5 (483 reviews)
    • Gadgets and Accessories
    • www.fitbit.com

    "My versa Fitbit is losing time , I turned off the blue tooth, installed app, uploaded app again. Got message to change password , when I go to type it in keyboard not coming up"

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  • Control4


    1.9 (76 reviews)
    • Gadgets and Accessories
    • www.control4.com

    "Control4 customer service fixed issue. They were very nice about it. Quick to get a technician, he worked me through problem until it was resolved. Good experience."

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  • Noc Supply

    Noc Supply

    1.0 (1 review)
    • Gadgets and Accessories
    • www.nocsupply.com

    "NOC Supply ripped me off and stole parts from me, causing me much hardship. They did it with such disregard that it seemed to me to be their SOP. If you are if buying from them, you may be buying my stolen parts or someone elses...."

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  • Netgear


    1.5 (206 reviews)
    • Gadgets and Accessories
    • www.netgear.com

    "I called for technical support, and got insulting and abusive support, if you can call that "support"STAY"

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  • Nabi


    1.8 (175 reviews)
    • Gadgets and Accessories
    • www.nabitablet.com

    "Its been a while I bought this tablet. I cant remember the password I had on it. I need to change the password to download more games."

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  • Ghost Armor

    Ghost Armor

    1.6 (21 reviews)
    • Gadgets and Accessories
    • www.ghost-armor.com

    "I don't have a Complaint I on Friday the ghost armor put on two phones screen Protectors i just want to ask if i can put phone case on"

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  • Garmin


    2.2 (176 reviews)
    • Gadgets and Accessories
    • www.garmin.com

    "I need help immediately I am out here on the road this is horrible
    I need someone to call me back as soon as possible I am out on the road and my GPS is not working"

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  • Dlink


    1.6 (10 reviews)
    • Gadgets and Accessories
    • www.dlink.com

    "Too many loops to constantly be jumping. Can't get "human" help to walk me through the issue. Sucks big time when you have purchased 5 cameras and can't get any recordings on any of the SD cards. Followed the steps, but there is a..."

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