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Ontario, Ottawa
  • Mbna


    1.5 (22 reviews)
    • Cards
    • www.mbna.com

    "have 2 credit cards, one goes near limit shuts down, so i assumed this newer one would be the same. but it wasn't allowing a little more flexibility until i noticed 25$ fees every month for going over the limit because when they..."

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  • Netspend


    1.5 (1270 reviews)
    • Cards
    • www.netspend.com

    "Someone is using my address. This is the 3rd tome. Three different names all my address What the F is going on. You are of no help"

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  • VanillaPrepaid Com

    VanillaPrepaid Com

    1.9 (11 reviews)
    • Cards
    • vanillaprepaid.com

    "I use prepaid gift cards a lot and get these every now and again. They work fine in person, but I always have a hard time using them online. The Giftcardmall cards are better for on-line use."

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  • Vanilla Visa

    Vanilla Visa

    1.5 (128 reviews)
    • Cards
    • www.vanillavisa.com

    "Tiger Commissary services. I have used card with no issues on web deposit but to order commisary I'm not being let to purchase. Same card on both but only one will go thru."

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  • Vanilla Gift

    Vanilla Gift

    1.4 (260 reviews)
    • Cards
    • www.vanillagift.com

    "I placed an order on 5-15-2021 at 5:51 pm I used Pay Pal to pay for my item and it acted real weird. My order for $.5.51 went through but right after that my card got hit 9 times. I use a VPN. What the *** now I see that this fric..."

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  • Moneris Solutions

    Moneris Solutions

    1.4 (15 reviews)
    • Cards
    • www.moneris.com

    "Transacting payment from Nigeria. I tried paying an application fee for a provincial nomination program using a Visa Card last night,but all attempts were declined without reasons or proper suggestion on what to do next. Instead..."

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  • Mbna Canada

    Mbna Canada

    1.1 (3 reviews)
    • Cards
    • www.mbna.ca

    "I have had an MBNA travel rewards card for over 15 years with an interest rate of 8.99% for most of the time. Since TD bank bought in my rate went up to 13.99% in 2016 and I just received notice that it is now going to 18.99%..."

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  • Legacy Visa

    Legacy Visa

    2.0 (44 reviews)
    • Cards
    • www.firstnationalcc.com

    "looked at my bank statement and there was a fraudulent withdrawal of Legacy credit card. I did not sign up for this."

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  • Achievecard


    1.8 (172 reviews)
    • Cards
    • www.achievecard.com

    "Spoke to customer service representative to explain my issues with a company . Charge my card with unauthorized charge for product. I explain don't cancel the card investigate the issue.. c/s refused, I ask for supervisor...put..."

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