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Ohio, Columbus
  • The Columbus Dispatch

    The Columbus Dispatch

    1.7 (153 reviews)
    • Periodicals & Publishing
    • www.dispatch.com

    "Submitted report on automated system. Supposedly getting todays paper tomorrow.
    Will be ok with that resolution of the issue."

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    1.8 (11,936 reviews)
    • Food Delivery
    • www.doordash.com

    "I ordered from Dunkin Donuts, the donuts were old tasting and
    stale. The coffee was nasty. The driver was excellent, polite and a real dream. The food look left alot to be desired. How will I be compensated for the shoddy food I re..."

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  • Ubereats


    1.5 (14,367 reviews)
    • Food Delivery
    • www.ubereats.com

    "When I tried to enter my tips to 4 dollars in Uber Eats app, there are technical issues happened after I submitted. However, the Uber Eats charges me 34 dollars for tips, which is totally wrong, and it's a large amount. I want..."

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  • Menards


    2.3 (1,870 reviews)
    • Supermarkets and Malls
    • www.menards.com

    "Hi bought a dryer at Ionia Mi Menards I bought a dryer for 629.00 and when we got home witch I live 20 miles away from Menards we opened box and it was the wrong dryer. It was a dryer for 549.00 I called the Ionia store and they..."

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  • Bob Evans Restaurants

    Bob Evans Restaurants

    2.6 (903 reviews)
    • Cafes, Restaurants and Bars
    • www.bobevans.com

    "We all ordered soup one bowl was half empty another didn't come till everyone else was done eating banana bread was very small not worth 10cent's not worth going there again. My wasn't cooked all the way either.The bus boy could..."

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  • Lyft


    1.8 (4,117 reviews)
    • Transport
    • www.lyft.com

    "I have been a faithful and loyal customer. I have been getting double charges and I'm getting real tired of it. Furthermore, I will stop making business with this company before they take all my money again."

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  • Facebook


    1.9 (10,672 reviews)
    • Dating and Social Networking
    • www.facebook.com

    "I got blocked on Facebook for community standards. Im not sure what I posted or what i did . I would like a second chance for my Facebook to be reactive"

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  • Taco Bell

    Taco Bell

    2.0 (2,758 reviews)
    • Fast Food
    • www.tacobell.com

    "Quite possibly the worst service and a new location at that walk in with a very simple order three Tostados and six burritos. At that point I was told this location doesnt do tostadas (ok) make it three crunchy tacos and six..."

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  • Walmart


    2.2 (4,873 reviews)
    • Supermarkets and Malls
    • www.walmart.com

    "Need to find out if you guys have any on stock since the ad just barely came out Wednesday and its already saying out of stock so give me information on it please"

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  • Value City Furniture

    Value City Furniture

    1.8 (597 reviews)
    • Furniture and Decor
    • www.valuecityfurniture.com

    "Plus they refuse to let me add the five year warranty after talking to a rep earlier in the day, said I could call back that day to add it on. I was waiting to receive my missing piece. But after if was wrong again, I knew I had..."

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