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Ohio, Cincinnati
  • Kia Motors

    Kia Motors

    2.1 (441 reviews)
    • Auto
    • www.kia.com

    "I have purchased new 2021 Soul EX (VIN: KNDJ33AU8M779****) at Brown Manassas Kia on June 18, 2021. The car has less than 200 miles.
    I was driving the Soul on I-495 today at speed 65 miles/hr, the engine light came on and engine was..."

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  • Ford


    2.0 (300 reviews)
    • Auto
    • www.ford.com

    "I got a survey to fill out...no other contact. I guess that my business doesn't mean that much to them."

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  • General Motors

    General Motors

    1.9 (268 reviews)
    • Auto
    • www.gm.com

    "Called GM customer Service first time w/o 6/14/21. Very unsatisfactory level of knowledge. It is now a week and several.phone calls later with still no resolution to problem. HELP !!"

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  • Baja Motorsports

    Baja Motorsports

    3.3 (5 reviews)
    • Auto
    • www.bajamotorsports.net

    "I need a coil pulser for A dr 50. I have found the part on your page but no price or odering steps please e mail at snookslayer@***.com also please send a copy of it to this email just in case the first email doesnt work.

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  • Subaru Of America

    Subaru Of America

    2.5 (500 reviews)
    • Auto
    • www.subaru.com

    "I purchased a 2021 Subaru Crosstrek plus Subaru insurance from Koeppel Subaru after trading in my Subaru Impreza 2017 with 5 year Subaru insurance. I am due a refund on the 2017 insurance. Koeppel Subaru had informed me in April 2..."

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  • Premier Parking Usa

    Premier Parking Usa

    1.5 (43 reviews)
    • Auto
    • premierparkingusa.com

    "I parked at the lot at 3rd and Veterans Parkway Sunday Oct. 13. 1PM. A large sign by pay booth stated parking hours
    M-F 6---
    Sat 6---
    Nothing for Sunday. The sign led me to believe there was no charge for Sunday. I took my out of tow..."

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  • One Stop Motors

    One Stop Motors

    1.3 (3 reviews)
    • Auto
    • www.onestopmotors.com

    "Bought a Navara they said they had just done the head and timing chain. 10 days later bang . The mechanic didn’t do up the bleeder screw on the tension pulley. Catastrophic damage occurred. On further inspection they didn’t even..."

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  • Nissan USA

    Nissan USA

    2.0 (162 reviews)
    • Auto
    • www.nissanusa.com

    "Im still waiting on a call from the company regarding the airbag situation its getting to point where Im about contact a lawyer so can someone please contact me at the following number 706393****"

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  • National Motor Museum Mint

    National Motor Museum Mint

    1.0 (1 review)
    • Auto
    • www.motormint.com

    "I have a Red 1956 Ford F-100 pickup truck and a Green 1948 Ford F-1 pickup which I received as a Christmas gift about 10 years ago. While cleaning their display case today, I noticed that the Green 1948 has been missing the right..."

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  • Mazda


    1.9 (43 reviews)
    • Auto
    • www.mazda.com

    "Mazda in Huntersville and Gastonia NC ripped off the public.price manipulation.plrsse contact me a 304816****.i reporting this the whoever what's to listen."

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