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Ohio, Akron
  • RushCard


    1.6 (2204 reviews)
    • Cards
    • www.rushcard.com

    "I was checking my statement in April 2021 and noticed a charge of 39.95 contacted Rush card whom informed me its been 12 months. The next day the credited my account for all 1Check2 months. Today they reversed all credits leaving..."

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  • Global Cash Card

    Global Cash Card

    1.7 (973 reviews)
    • Cards
    • www.globalcashcard.com

    "I need to speak with a representative to access my account online and I can't because it keeps telling me the same thing via automated message"

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  • Skylight One

    Skylight One

    2.0 (505 reviews)
    • Cards
    • www.skylightpaycard.com

    "mi Blo queahacer reunorteióroyo alquitranestafasegramouirapmineralrro. minorteRhode Islandvalizar Naciones Unidas metroes decirspagoeNuevo Testamentooneladaces Cajero, porqué"

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  • Netspend


    1.5 (1270 reviews)
    • Cards
    • www.netspend.com

    "Someone is using my address. This is the 3rd tome. Three different names all my address What the F is going on. You are of no help"

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  • Direct Express

    Direct Express

    1.7 (954 reviews)
    • Cards
    • www.usdirectexpress.com

    "I really need to make sure my new replacement card is being sent to to the correct address and I cant get a live person to talk to me on the phone about it"

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  • Vanilla Visa

    Vanilla Visa

    1.5 (128 reviews)
    • Cards
    • www.vanillavisa.com

    "Tiger Commissary services. I have used card with no issues on web deposit but to order commisary I'm not being let to purchase. Same card on both but only one will go thru."

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  • Legacy Visa

    Legacy Visa

    2.0 (44 reviews)
    • Cards
    • www.firstnationalcc.com

    "looked at my bank statement and there was a fraudulent withdrawal of Legacy credit card. I did not sign up for this."

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  • Green Dot Moneypak

    Green Dot Moneypak

    1.4 (718 reviews)
    • Cards
    • www.moneypak.com

    "Trying to activate my GreenDot card is not letting me it's been past 30 minutes when they told me it would be"

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  • Continental Finance

    Continental Finance

    1.7 (121 reviews)
    • Cards
    • www.continentalfinance.net

    "To. Whom it may concern:
    I called in today to attempt to make resolution on a charged off credit card only to be lied to and NO HELP from your staff.
    During my time with your bank my account was always paid on time and in good stand..."

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  • Achievecard


    1.8 (172 reviews)
    • Cards
    • www.achievecard.com

    "Spoke to customer service representative to explain my issues with a company . Charge my card with unauthorized charge for product. I explain don't cancel the card investigate the issue.. c/s refused, I ask for supervisor...put..."

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