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North Carolina, Shelby
  • It Works

    It Works

    1.7 (1,322 reviews)
    • Cosmetics and Personal Care
    • www.itworks.com

    "No answer, I've cancelled my subscription twice and I'm still being charged. I just want the money back into my account, and to stop being charged. I have since moved from the last time I canceled so I dont have any product."

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  • Invitation Homes

    Invitation Homes

    1.8 (93 reviews)
    • Real Estate
    • www.invitationhomes.com

    "I rented for Invitation homes for 5 years never had nothing to say up to now. I just received back my deposit and from 1,500 that I paid when I moved in I just received 400 because they are charging me three months for utility..."

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  • Intuit


    1.6 (186 reviews)
    • Software
    • www.intuit.com

    "Your customer service is the worst Ive experienced. Ive been hung up on 3 times for dialing the wrong number."

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  • InboxDollars


    1.9 (312 reviews)
    • Gift Cards, Rewards and Cashbacks
    • www.inboxdollars.com

    "I earned money on Inbox Dollars and I cashed out to get a $15 Walmart gift card. They sent an email with a link that doesn't work to get the gift card. How shady is that! They could have just put the details in the email and not..."

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  • IHOP


    2.0 (405 reviews)
    • Fast Food
    • www.ihop.com

    "Waitress was very friendly but I do not like nose rings or anything else hanging out of the nose of the person serving my food to me. Will not be back. America America"

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  • Hr Block

    Hr Block

    1.6 (598 reviews)
    • Taxes
    • www.hrblock.com

    "I have used emerald card for years, my husband has, my mom &;;;;;;;; sister as well. Never really had an issue. This time we had used it to get the Child Tax Credit. Well some how my husbands sister had got a hold of it and..."

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  • Hallmark Channel

    Hallmark Channel

    2.2 (871 reviews)
    • Media
    • www.hallmarkchannel.com

    "We cant just click on resume and continue watching where we stopped. Have to type in the name of the series."

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  • Hair Sisters

    Hair Sisters

    2.0 (62 reviews)
    • Beauty Supplies and Equipment
    • www.hairsisters.com

    "I ordered 2 wigs. I only got one. It fits horribly, the bangs start at the crown and are crooked. Not pretty, and now I'm still waiting on the other."

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  • Greentree Servicing

    Greentree Servicing

    1.2 (70 reviews)
    • Loans and Mortgages
    • www.gtservicing.com

    "I bought a 1996 mobile home in 1999 brand new, its Finance threw Green Tree, o have already paid 85.000, balance is 27.000 thousand still, only worth 12000 now, can they do that"

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  • Google Nest

    Google Nest

    1.8 (65 reviews)
    • Security and Protection Services
    • nest.com

    "I cant sign in on nest app on my phone.
    I need to rest may password but its not possible through the spp"

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